ROME: Total War (MOD, Unlimited Money)

ROME: Total War

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App Name ROME: Total War
Size 47.3 MB
Latest Version v1.10.9RC7
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update April 17, 2023 (1 year ago)
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ROME: Total War is a strategy game taking place after war where the country has to recover the initial developments to become stable again. The other countries have invaded the mother country and are now increasing their economic and military status. The players have to conquer this historic ancient world by fighting in real time battles.

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ROME Total War

Rome in the Hands

The players go on in the journey to conquer the ancient world that include Europe, North Africa and the nearest eastern parts as one of the nineteen formidable factions which also include Egypt, Gaul, Britannia, Spain, Macedon and the Greek Cities. The touch screen interface lets the players to have the complete empire and their army in control with just their hand movements.

ROME Total War

Amazing Strategies

The players have to utilize amazing tactics in order to play this game. They have to direct their empire and hordes of army in the battle field. The economic, civil and religious matters are all present at the Campaign Map, where the player has to keep an eye on them.

ROME Total War

Huge Battles

This game comes with a number of massive and huge battles. The battles and wars turn the screen of the players into terrifying and exciting battle grounds where there are above thousands of troops attacking from every corner which include the legionaries, archers, spearmen and more, there are chariots, war elephants and a real time battling spree for all the players to play these real ancient battles.

ROME Total War

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Q. How to recruit three kingdoms in ROME: Total War?

Once the army is selected, the army panel comes up there the players can use the functions to recruit new generals and units as there are now six units in three kingdoms.

Q. How to recruit mythical units in ROME: Total War?

To recruit mystical units the players have to reach the final tier with any one of the gods’ cult. These can be used in wars and combats, each having multiple and unique powers.

Q. What is the best unit in ROME: Total War?

The best unit in the game is Roman Urban Cohort which is extremely versatile and useful. This unit allows the player to fight off any infantry and cavalry.

Q. Who made this game and can it be played on IPhone?

This game is created by creative assembly and federal interactive. Yes! It is available for iPad and iPhones as reported since 2017.

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