Run Race Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Run Race Mod Apk

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App Name Run Race Mod Apk
Size 97.18 MB
Latest Version v200011
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update April 25, 2023 (5 months ago)
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You guys have played so many racing games. The play store is full of racing games and the whole world is also a big fan of these racing games.

But most of the games are on bike racing, car racing and on many other vehicles but this game is different because in this game you have to do races by yourself. Which means that you have to run in the races like all of you have done in your childhood.

Run Race Mod Apk

What is Run Race Apk?

In this game you don't have to do anything complicated, the game is all about racing but with a twist of uniqueness.

So in this game you won't get bikes, cars or any kind of vehicles because in this game you have to complete races by running.

 And we think this is such a nice and unique idea because people also want change in their racing games so here you get them.

What is Run Race Mod Apk?

In this game you have to do races in person which means that you have to run faster to win the races. The game will give you so many cute characters which will do racing for you and you have to buy them,

if you want to skip the buying process then you can download the Mod version. Because the Mod version will give you all the items unlocked and it will also give you unlimited money from which you can buy anything you want. And you can also skip the annoying ads.

Features of Run Race Apk

Race With Your Friends

If you don't like to play alone or you feel awkward by playing in front of other random players then there is no more need to feel shy and awkward between new players.

 Because in this game if you don't want to play a game with random players then you can just easily play the game with your friends.

So Many Maps

So if you race only in one track then the game will be so easy for you and there would be no fun at all. Because obviously if you do races in one track then you will remember the map and then the race will be so easy for you.

The race will only be interesting when it has more hurdles for you. In this game you will see so many different maps in which you can do races.

Choose Different Characters

In the game you don't need a bike, car, bus or any other vehicle for racing instead of vehicles you have to race with yourself so for this there is no need for vehicles.

 But there is a need for characters from which you can race with. So for this you will get a variety for the characters and you can choose different characters anytime you want to. There will be a collection for racers.

Hurdles in Race

Everyone knows that there is no fun in doing simple races. Which means that races without hurdles are so easy and when a race becomes easy there will be no interest left in them.

Hurdles are the most important thing in races. This is why this game has arranged so many hurdles for you so you can play the race with all interest.

Run Race Mod Apk

Features of Run Race 3D Mod Apk

Limitless Coins

When you download the game you will see that there will be so many characters that you can buy for your races but the problem is that you have to buy them. So you have to buy these characters with the money you have earned in the game,

this will take so much time. So the Mod version is giving you limitless coins from which you can buy everything you want to buy and the coins will be available for lifetime.

No Ads

There are so many ads in the game that you have to watch because they will start playing suddenly and you cannot even skip them but in the Mod version there is not a single ad available.

Free To Download

You will see that every game that is offering special features, they are giving all those special features in money but the Mod version is giving its features for totally free.


In the Mod version of this game you will get special features from which you can buy the items you want or you like. Other than this the game has such a unique gameplay and is different from other games.

Run Race Mod Apk


Q. How to get unlimited coins in Run Race 3D?

You can get them with the help of the mod version.

Q. Can we download the Mod version of Run Race in iOS?

No you cannot download the Mod version in iOS.

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