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San Andreas Apk

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App Name San Andreas Apk
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Latest Version v2.10
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Update October 19, 2023 (1 month ago)
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The Internet games market is flooded with action, fighting and storyline based games but the story behind them is not so inspiring or unique. But there is a game called San Andreas APK which has a perfect story line. This is a very interesting fighting game. The game is regarding Carl Johnson. Carl is a young man who returns to his hometown from Liberty City. This game revolves around Carl's struggles, fighting, ambitions, and troubles involved in the criminal underworld.

He is informed about his mother's murder and he returns back to the hometown to take her revenge, then gets involved in various crimes to give lessons to the police. He improved his fighting and combat abilities by fighting with the enemies. There are a lot of features of this game. All of them revolve around the storyline. The main theme is fighting, taking revenge and action 3D games.

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Features of San Andreas APK

Vast open world game

This game has a vast world involved. It has been known that Johnson lived in liberty city and returned to his hometown, so there are two or more cities and areas. It's a vast open world game involving many different landscapes and villages.

Perfect story line

The storyline of San Andreas is a perfect one because it highlights the major themes. Carl Johnson returned to his hometown to take revenge for his mother's murdered. He was involved in many different crimes and exposed the bad side of government and police. 

Involved in various crimes

CJ returns back to the hometown when he learns of his mother's murder. He was confronted by corrupt police officers who confronted him for the murder of a police officer. Thus, after all this, CJ was involved in many crimes to show the real face to the government and police

Customizations for Carl

As you are supposed to play this game by becoming Carl Johnson, you can do customization for your character. You have to control your character from look to fighting. You can change the outfit, hairstyle and look of this character.

Combat abilities and skills

There are many skills involved in this game. There are abilities for your character to fulfill the missions he is supposed to. There are fighting and combat karate skills that you can use in this game to fight with enemies.

Multiple  missions and levels

This game is popular because of its diversity. The diversity involves daily new missions and 100 + levels. This game has a perfect story line, so each mission of the storyline is involved in these levels.

Vehicles and weapons

Unlimited vehicles and weapons are involved while you are fighting. Many vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and trucks are used in this game to move from one town to the other. There are weapons such as refills, shotguns, arrows and bombs that are offered for fighting.

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Latest features of San Andreas APK

Modding features

In the latest version of this game, there are modding features involving cheat codes to get unlimited accessories and fighting tools. This increases the ease of this game to fight. Thus you can complete missions quickly with these features.

Multiplayer game mode

Previously, there was no multiplayer game mode in San Andreas. But due to the desire of players and the popularity of this game, now there is a multiplayer game mode to play with your friends.

Why is San Andreas APK a good application?

A fighting and action game is always considered best because of its story line. A perfect story line grabs the whole attention of a player. San Andreas is based on a perfect story line by Carl Johnson. There are different missions to complete with many accessories such as cars, vehicles, guns etc. This is a vast game as it involves diverse towns and cities.

Download San Andreas APK latest version 2023

To get the new multiplayer mode of this game and new updates, download San Andreas latest version. This is easily available to download on Google.

Final Verdict

If you are also searching for an exceptional fighting game with a good background and story line having a lot of features, then San Andreas is the solution for your searching. Download San Andreas and help Carl Johnson to learn about new techniques and fighting. Help him to take revenge on his mother's murder and to improve the system of police departments.


Q. What are the major features involved in San Andreas APK?

Key features of San Andreas include a vast open world, character customization, gang life, a wide variety of missions, a range of vehicles and weapons, activities like gambling and stealing, a diverse soundtrack, and hidden secrets or treasures.

Q. What are the cheat codes in San Andreas APK?

These cheat codes are valuable to get unlimited health, weapons and fighting powers. These codes are provided to you after completing levels and missions.

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