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App Name Snaptik App Apk v1.0.37 Download
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Update May 28, 2022 (2 years ago)
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There is hardly a person in this world who is not familiar with TikTok in this advanced age. An app that won millions of hearts and people almost cannot live without is TikTok. They spend their entire day watching fun videos and even creating new ones of their own. But why are we even discussing the TikTok app in this article? It is because this Snaptik App has a deep connection with TikTok which we are going to reveal further.

Snaptik App is an application which is used to download all kinds of TikTok videos and you can even watch the TikTok videos on this application. Not only this, the downloaded videos from TikTok will turn out to be watermark free. You have seen that the videos downloaded from TikTok directly do have the watermark of the creators, but this app removes them when downloading the videos.

You can also download applications from other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. It is believed to be one of the most convenient apps that can get you videos downloaded without any worries. It is a small and lightweight application which never hangs or crashes in your smartphone.

There are many features this application offers such as watching the videos inside the app, downloads running in the background, copy and pasting the URL into this app for downloading videos, fast download speed and many others. This app known as Snaptik App is definitely a complete package for you that you should never avoid to enjoy the best videos ever.

There is a big range of features that you will be amazed to see. You would have never expected so many features of this application which is a shocking point. Let's head towards those amazing features and all the other things about this app to see why it is such an excellent app loved by millions of people.

Snaptik App Apk

What is Snaptik App?

The Snaptik App is an application that allows its users to download the videos from any social media platform especially TikTok. You can download the TikTok videos without watermark with the help of this application. It is a fast working app that doesn't need a lot of space to be downloaded in your smartphone. It is absolutely compatible with all kinds of Android versions on smartphones and tablets.

It supports all kinds of HD videos and allows watching the videos inside the app without interrupting the downloading process. You can download your videos in HD format and enjoy the content without any worries at all. This app is the simplest one to use and it indeed is the best entertainment app.

What is Snaptik Mod APK?

The Snaptik Mod APK is a bit different from the original version. Though it is not a lot different from the original version, there is a small change in between both of them. This new version doesn't contain any ads in it. That's why when you are watching videos and downloading them, there will be no ads in the background disturbing you from your work. You can get to experience the best version of this app and perform all your tasks easily.


Snaptik App Apk

Download videos

With the help of this application you can download any video you like or you want. This is the first and most important feature which is served by this application. In particular, Snaptik App has been a powerful application that is favorable for any user who wants to download videos from the internet.

Get social media videos

The best part of this app is that it allows its users to download videos from any kind of social media platform. You just have to select what video you want to download and you will definitely have it in your device's internal storage without any worries.

You can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok and so on. Many users like to get videos from these platforms but they can't do it because of restrictions. Snaptik App is a perfect solution which will provide you this facility for absolutely free of cost.

HD videos downloader

All the videos that you download are saved in an HD format. It is made possible because poor quality videos are never acceptable. They lose their charm and do not attract the users at all. That is why the videos downloaded using this app are always saved in HD format to maintain the quality of the video content.

Fast downloading speed

This application provides the fastest video downloading speed that you have never seen before. The users with this app are able to download the videos at the fastest speed ever. The other video downloading apps usually take a lot of time to process and download the videos. But this app is highly efficient and much better than the rest of the others.

It does all of its functioning in a proper way to cover the process. You will see your videos already present in your gallery after you check within a few seconds. The highest speed of the internet also determines the speed of downloading in this app.

Snaptik App Apk

Easy to use

This app is extremely easy to use unlike other video downloading apps. Snaptik App has a very simple process to download the videos. You just need the links of the videos you wish to download. What you have to do is copy the link whatever video is, paste that URL into the search bar given inside this app. Next step is to just click the download button and get the respective video. Hence it's the simplest way to download any video in this app.

Built-in video player

Do you not have a video player in your phone? Don't worry, this application has got you sorted because it also contains a built-in video player. This makes the life of the users much easier since they can directly play the downloaded videos inside this app. They do not have to miss anything or move to another app for watching the video.


This application is also lightweight which is the most desirable feature for most of the users. Many people do not want to download heavy applications on their phones because it slows down the overall functioning of their phone's system. That's why the developers have designed this app that is lightweight and so small in size.

Share videos to social media

You can also share the downloaded videos with other users of your circle. You can share the videos on any social media platform or with your contacts by clicking on the share option. If you have to share your downloaded stuff or upload it somewhere, you can do it directly by using this option.


Snaptik App Apk

No watermark

There will be no watermark on the downloaded videos. TikTok apps do have the watermark of the creators but when you download them with this application, there will be no watermark at all.

Auto-download feature

This brilliant video downloading application also contains an amazing feature that you might have never thought about. It has an auto-download feature with the help of which you can download videos by putting them on auto mode. In this way you can download the videos automatically without having to click on them.

You can just select videos and put them on auto-download mode. In this way those videos will be downloaded and automatically saved in your devices without doing any further effort.

Constant downloading in background

If you are using another application and want the videos to be downloaded without any interruption, then this app is made just for you. You will never have to restrict your usage in your smartphone when you are downloading videos. Just surf any social media app or play games while the videos get downloaded on their own.


This app is literally safe to download any video from any platform. The developers guarantee that you won't have to worry about the viruses, worms or other security threats to attack your device. No video will be harmful to hack your personal devices and steal your data.


This app is absolutely free to download as usual. There are no charges to make use of any feature available in this app. It is perfect for those users who cannot afford to pay for downloading videos.


  • Download videos from social media
  • Fast speed downloads
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in video player
  • Free
  • Auto-download feature
  • Share video links directly on social media platforms
  • No login required


  • Regular version contains ads


Snaptik App has proven to be one of the best video downloading apps that can be used in any sort of Android device no matter how old it is. It is so simple to use that people of all age groups like it and use it regularly. Those who want to save videos for offline watching will enjoy the most with this application and the brilliant features of its.

If you are convinced after reading this article, just download this application and enjoy using it. Once you finish doing it don't forget to come back and provide your feedback about this app in the comment section given below.


Snaptik App Apk

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Q. What kind of videos can I download from the Snaptik App?

You can download all sorts of videos from different social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.

Q. What is the biggest con of downloading this Snaptik App?

This app contains ads which is not a favorable thing and people usually get annoyed because of it.

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