Soft Keys Apk (MOD, For Android)

Soft Keys Apk

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App Name Soft Keys Apk
Size 40 MB
Latest Version v4.0
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
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Update August 21, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Have you ever played with your favorite toy and accidentally lost some of its important buttons? It can be frustrating, right? Well, guess what? There's an app called Soft Keys APK that can save the day for all the Android phone owners out there!

This app gives you a special set of buttons that work just like the missing ones on your phone. Let's read and learn more about this amazing app that can make your phone whole again!

Soft Keys APK

What is Soft Keys APK?

Imagine your Android phone is like a magical adventure land, and the Soft Keys APK is your secret treasure map! It's a special app that creates virtual buttons on your screen, so you can easily go back, go home, and see your recent apps. Just like a gadget, these soft keys come to your rescue whenever the real ones go missing. All you need to do is download and install the app, and voilà, your phone is complete again!

Best Features of Soft Keys APK

You have a Magical Back Button

When you're exploring apps or websites, and you want to go back to where you were before, just tap on the virtual back button. It's like magic; you'll be back in no time!

Your Home Button, Your Castle

Just like you have a home where you feel safe, your phone needs a home too! Tap on the virtual home button to go back to your phone's main screen, no matter where you are.

The Recent Apps FrienWith the help of the virtual recent apps button, you can see all the apps you've used recently. It's like a time machine for your phone!

Simple and Easy Peasy

Using Soft Keys APK is as easy as eating your favorite ice cream. You tap, and it works! No confusing stuff.

It's Always There for You

Even if your real buttons decide to play hide-and-seek, the soft keys are always there, ready to help you.

Choose Your Style

You get to pick the style and design of your virtual buttons. Make them look super cool, just like you!

Hide and Seek Mode

Want the virtual buttons to hide when you're watching videos or playing games? You got it! They can disappear when you don't need them.

No Space, No ProbleDon't worry about the soft keys taking up too much space on your screen. They stay small and out of your way.

No More Cracked Buttons

If your phone's buttons are cracked or not working properly, the soft keys are here to save the day!

Soft Keys APK

Safe and Secure

Soft Keys APK won't harm your phone or steal your secrets. It's like your loyal guardian.


Going on a long journey? Soft Keys APK will keep you company and be your travel buddy.

Updates Are Fun

You'll get exciting updates for the app that may bring even more cool features.

Your Phone's Best Friend

Soft Keys APK becomes your phone's best friend forever!

It's FREE! No Money Needed

Soft Keys APK is a true friend, and it doesn't ask for any money. You can download it for free!

New Features in Soft Keys APK

Mini-Button, Big Help

There's a new mini-button option for the soft keys, making them even less intrusive.

Touch Gestures

You can now customize touch gestures, like swipes, to do cool things on your phone.

Floating Button

This new feature lets you move the soft keys around the screen wherever you like.

Game Mode

When you're playing games, the soft keys will automatically adjust and stay hidden when not needed.

Soft Keys APK

Why is Soft Keys APK Worth Downloading?

You know, sometimes, we find a toy or a game that we love so much because it's just perfect for us. Well, Soft Keys APK is like that perfect toy for your phone! It saves you from missing buttons, makes your phone even cooler, and it's so easy to use. Trust me, there's nothing better than this app for all Android adventurers out there!

Final Words

Now you know all about Soft Keys APK, your magical friend for Android phones. Say goodbye to missing buttons and hello to a more complete phone experience. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the app, and let the magic begin!


Q. Can I use Soft Keys APK on any Android phone?

Absolutely! Soft Keys APK works on most Android phones and helps them all!

Q. Is Soft Keys APK safe for kids?

Yes, it's totally safe! It's like having a guardian for your phone. Parents can be happy!

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