Subway Surfers Mod Apk (MOD, Coins/Keys/All Characters)

Subway Surfers Mod Apk

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App Name Subway Surfers Mod Apk
Size 160.6Mb
Latest Version v3.26.2
MOD Info Coins/Keys/All Characters
Price Free
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Update October 10, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Subway surfers is a worldwide famous game which has millions of players around the world. People of every age love to play this game because it is so much fun which kills your boredom and distracts your mind. That’s why you will see thousands of positive reviews on the internet about this game. Subway surfers is a top rated game which is why it comes in top 10 games on the internet.

This is an arcade game and the best in this category. In this game you have to run because there will be a police man who will run after you so you have to run as long as you can. Collect coins and make the highest score and become a top player of this game. There are many other items that you can use while running like hoverboards, jetpack, coin magnet and many other things.

Subway surfers is a well optimized game which is why it gives a smooth experience so you will never get lagging issues while playing this game. The subway surfers is not a heavy game so you don’t need big space storage or high specification mobile phones to play. Features of subway surfers are unique and interesting which have made this game popular. Let’s take a look at the features of this game.

Subway Surfers

What is Subway Surfers Mod APK Download?

Subways surfers has a mod version and this version has interesting features which you will never get in the standard version of subway game. In this version you don’t need to collect coins because you will get unlimited coins for free plus you will get unlimited keys which you can use.

It means you can play any character that you want in this game because of these coins and keys. There will be no locked items or features in the mod version so are free to use anything. You can even use all paid items and characters in the mod version of subway surfers. One of the best features that mod offers is that there will be no ads in it.

Collect gold coins

In this game you have to run on the railway tracks and collect the gold coins which are lying over there. These coins are collected and can be used later to purchase the expensive items or to make in-app purchases inside the game.

Subway Surfers Free Download For PC

Endless railway track

As mentioned above, the subway surfers' game is all about running because there is an endless railway track where you have to run from the police officer and his dog. This is a fun game so it’s up to you how much fun you take from this game.

You have to be careful while running because there will be many trains. Collect coins from the railway track because there will be unlimited coins so play safe and make a high score by collecting coins. You can use hoverboards to boost your speed.

Multiple items

The Subway surfers game has many different interesting items which you can use while playing. If you don’t want to lose coins, then try to pick a coin magnet from the track because it will help you to collect every coin while running. Hover boards will be there for you to increase your speed.

You can also use a booster at the start of your game which you can buy from the store or you can collect from the railway track. Super sneakers will help you to jump high so you can collect more coins from the trains. Good thing is that if all your items are gone then don’t worry because you can buy all these items from the store.

Subway Surfers Free Download For PC

Mystery boxes

Mystery boxes are always exciting because you don’t know what is inside the box. That's why the subway surfers game has these boxes which you will see while running on the railway track. You can collect these boxes from the track and you can open them at the end of the game.

Mystery boxes contain different items like coins, keys, hoverboards, super sneakers, boosters and many other things. Mystery boxes also help you to unlock new characters for you. So if you want all these things for free then make sure to collect every mystery box from the railway track while running.

Different Missions

The Subway surfers game has many missions for you to play and every day missions get updated. If you complete these missions, then you get multiple rewards which you can use in your game. Play all missions and become a top player of subway surfers.

If you don't want to complete missions, then you can buy skip missions from the store but you need many coins to skip your mission. This game brings more fun when you play and complete missions in it.

Subway Surfers Free Download For PC

Multiple characters

When you get multiple characters in a game it makes that game more unique because it maintains the interest level of a player. Subways surfers game also has different characters which you can use to play. You can choose Jake, tricky, fresh, spike, yutani, frank, king, Lucy and many other characters.

Every character has a different style and especially so you have a lot of options to bring fun in your game. There will be some premium characters which are paid so if you want them then you have to purchase those characters.


Upgradation plays a very important role because it helps you to improve and enhance your gaming skills. Subways surfers game also gives you this useful feature so you can easily upgrade all your items. You can increase the time of booster, super sneakers, hoverboard, 2x multiplier and coin magnet by upgrading them.

You need coins to upgrade these items so make sure to collect coins as much as you can while running on the railway track. Try to achieve all levels of upgrading to get more time from entire items in the subway surfers game.

Subway Surfers

Unlimited coins and keys

Standard version doesn’t offer you unlimited coins and keys, that's why you have to collect them in the regular version. But in the mod version you don’t need to collect the coins and keys because you will get unlimited coins and keys.

It means you can upgrade all your items without any problem because you have unlimited coins to spend on upgrades. You can even buy all your favorite characters with these unlimited keys and coins.

All characters unlocked

There are some paid characters in the standard version of the subway surfers game and you have to buy them but that’s not a problem in the mod version. In this version you are free to use all characters without spending a single penny on them.

All premium characters are completely free and you just need to tap on them then you can use them to play. With the help of unlimited coins and keys you can also unlock new characters. So there are no restrictions in the mod version of subway surfers.

Subway Surfers

No ads

Ads are always disturbing when it comes to our favorite game. That's why the mod version doesn’t contain ads. In the mod version of subway surfers game there will be no ads like video or popups which means you can play this game without any disturbance.

You can play this game anytime because there are no limitations and restrictions in the mod version. Play subway surfers in this version without interruptions.


⦁ Endless track to run
⦁ Multiple missions
⦁ Upgradation option
⦁ Different characters to play
⦁ Multiple items to use
⦁ Easy to play because of simple controls
⦁ Good graphics and colors
⦁ Play offline


⦁ Subway surfers game doesn’t have any disadvantages


Subway surfers is a fun game that’s why everyone loves to play this game. You can easily kill your boredom with this game because it has many awesome features which bring fun. There is an endless railway track with many hurdles so play carefully in order to score high in this game. Surely with all these features you will get bored from the subway surfers game.

If you haven’t played this game yet, then download the subway surfers game from our website and install it on your device to become a champion of this game. If you have any questions about the subway surfers game then you can ask in the comment box.

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Q. How to get premium characters for free in Subway Surfers Mod APK?

If you want premium characters for free in the subway surfers game, then download the mod version of this game on your device. Install that version and you will get those characters for free.

Q. Can I play the Subway Surfers Mod APK offline?

Yes! You don’t need an internet connection to play the subway surfers game which means you can play it anytime offline.

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