Subway Surfers Princess Runner Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Subway Surfers Princess Runner Mod Apk

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App Name Subway Surfers Princess Runner Mod Apk
Size 125.6 MB
Latest Version v7.4.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update June 21, 2023 (1 year ago)
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We have all heard about the addictive game Subway Surfers. But many children, specifically girls, would love to have a princess edition where they will help gorgeous princesses escape from the crude policemen. Subway Surfers Princess Runner is a running game of 83 Mbs and was created by Ivy.

The app allows in-app purchases and contains advertisements. In the game you are being chased by the policemen and you have to steer clear of different oncoming objects, collect different boosters to enhance your speed.

The game offers amazing features to its players, to find out about them you can keep reading this article.

What is Subway Surfers Princess Runner APK?

 Subway Surfers Princess runner apk is a running game that is available on your google play stores for free. Choose your cute princess character and start running. The game is incredibly engaging and fun. Destress and run from all the bad things. All this fun lies in its amazing features.

With stunning graphics and fun music, race through different kinds of scenes, smoothly control your character and collect bonuses and coins. Upgrade your boosters, complete missions and discover unique characters! So much fun in one place.

What is Subway Surfers Princess Runner Mod APK?

Subway Surfers Princess Runner mod apk is the modified or cheat version of the standard version of the game. This version has many additional features that will make the game more easier to enjoy and will get rid of your frustrations without asking for any money.

The game provides unlimited money and gems so they can enjoy the game without tediously wanting to purchase and upgrade things. The game also comes without the ads for the ease of the users. Discover more awesome free features down below

Subway Surfers Princess Runner Mod APK

Play in a Variety of Scenes

Subway Surfers Princess Runner provides its players with a variety when it comes to the environment they want to play in. which is always a thrilling experience, to encounter new hurdles and scenes keeps the game interesting. Play in the forest scene if your heart calls out to nature, choose the snow scene or the busy city scene. Such changes in the game help keep boredom at bay.

Seamless Controls and Balance

It is a bummer when running games lack smoothness and keep lagging whenever you want to avoid a hurdle. Feel at ease because this game does not have any of these issues. You can enjoy the buttery smoothness of the controls and your characters run through the game. Jump, duck, change lanes and tilt sideways to collect your money with utter ease. The developers really prioritizes the balance and gravity of the game because it's the most prominent feature that players look forward to.

Subway Surfers Princess Runner Mod APK

Hoverboard and Other Cool Stunts

To add more fun to the running the game has added many stunts that the players can pull to get farther ahead in the race. Utilize these incredible stunts such as the hoverboard by double tapping the screen, fly across the sky with the jet, the magnet to collect the coins in all the lanes at once and so much more. These bonuses will appear multiple times in your lanes while you are running.

Different Characters

This is one of the most interesting features of the game, it offers its players an array of exciting characters to choose from. You can unlock these characters by collecting certain artifacts while running or by making in-app purchases. To is always cool to show off to your friends that you have many unique characters, each of them with different outfits and unique facial symmetries. The characters in this game are strikingly beautiful which makes them appealing to so many players.

Subway Surfers Princess Runner Mod APK

Challenge Global Players

It is always cool to show off your incredible record to the world. The game has an option where you can join players from the whole world and compete against their highscores. Rush through the roads, dodge the impediments and strive to rank higher than the global players.

Make Upgrades to Enhance your Abilities

The bonuses that you collect wie running last a specific time but that's not the end of it you can upgrade these boosters so they can last longer. The longer they last the better chances you have of outdoing the highscores of your friends and other players.

Subway Surfers Princess Runner Mod APK

Amazing Graphics

The graphics are absolute eye candy. The designs of the roads, hurdles and trains are just beautiful. It is fantastic the way the gameplay moves on seamlessly without any kinds of glitches, the incredibly vibrant colors and the fluid movements of the characters are all awe inspiring. And lastly the characters are very intricately designed and given individual looks and outfits to make the game more enjoyable.

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

With the mod version of Subway Surfers Princess Runner you can have unlimited money and gems. If you are growing impatient waiting for money so you can upgrade your boosters and break high scores then this mod version is going to make this difficulty of yours easier

No Ads

In such an incredible and invigorating game the ads have no place at all. Get the mod version to enjoy your runs without the nuisance of ads.

Unlock All Characters

It is always the ultimate dream of players to check out the cool characters in a game. The mod version is going to make that dream come true by offering the players all the characters without paying a dime or waiting to complete the required number of artifacts needed to unlock certain characters

Subway Surfers Princess Runner Mod APK


Run with the wind as you aid your princesses escape from the shrewd policemen. Subway Surfers Princess Runner takes you on an incredible marathon dappled with hurdles, trains and buses, where you have to complete exciting challenges and win awesome rewards. Sharpen your reflexes because you never know what's coming. For all the adventurous runners we encourage you to hop on this race you can thank us later. To download the mod version tap on the download link provided above. Feel free to share your thoughts on the game with us in the comments section.


Q. Can I play Subway Surfers Princess Runner offline?

Yes totally! You can play the game anywhere and anytime regardless of an internet connection.

Q. Is it possible to unlock all the characters in Subway Surfers Princess Runner?

Yes it certainly is! You can unlock all the characters by downloading the mod version from our website or by making in-app purchases and completing challenges in the original game

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