Survival On Raft Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Survival On Raft Mod Apk

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App Name Survival On Raft Mod Apk
Size 38.45 MB
Latest Version v1.210.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update June 29, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Are you love to play action survival games? if your answer is yes, then you are going to get an amazing game for yourself that you can play on your mobile device to treat your boredom. Survival on the raft is a game that has addictive gameplay which makes this game best among others that’s why it is the top trending survival game on the internet.

In this game, you have to do everything on your own because you have to survive and for this purpose, you will get many different items that you can use. You need to build your raft in a vast ocean where you will face many sea animals that will attack you so you have to act because this game is so unpredictable.

Survival on the raft game has many enormous features which will give you the best gaming experience. It has simple controls that you can also adjust according to your choice plus it has a friendly user interface which means there will be no complications at all. So let’s go and see those features in detail.

Survival On Raft Mod Apk

What is survival on raft Apk?

This is the simple standard version of survival on raft game which is free to download but still you will see some premium features and items which will be paid in this free version. You can’t use them until you purchase those premiums with real money. There is a one bad feature which will interrupt you and that is ads. This game supports ads that you have to watch multiple times.

What is survival on raft mod apk?

Survival of raft game also comes in modded version that is called mod apk on the internet. The quality of this feature is that you don’t have to purchase anything in it because this version allows to use all premium items and features of free. You will get complete access on everything without any hustle that’s why you don’t need money. Complete game will be unlocked plus there will be unlimited money.

Survival On Raft Mod Apk

Build raft

As this is a survival game you have to build raft for yourself otherwise you won’t be able to survival longer in this game. You will be in the middle of the sea where you need to build raft and shelter to protect your player from tough conditions. You will get multiple wooden sticks which you can combine to build strong raft. You can also build many different items after getting your raft in this game.

Grow plants

Plants are very important that’s why this game is giving you this feature where you can grow different plants on your raft. But you have to struggle a lot for them because it is not an easy task to grow planes on a raft. Collect all seed and use them to grow fine plants which will help you to give fruits and different vegetables that you can eat to survive in this game.

Find food

Food is the basic necessity of the survival that’s why you have to struggle in this game to find food. You can grow different plants from where you can get food but you can also catch fish from the sea. You have make a fishing rod that you can use to catch fish. So get all the useful items in this game and try to make good items that will help you to get food.

Survive in vast ocean

You will see many sharks and other big creatures in the ocean which will attack your raft so you have to active all the time otherwise these animals kill your player. That’s why you need god survival skills in this game and for this purpose you will get different missions that you can play to get more new skills.

Survival On Raft Mod Apk

Play online

This is a great feature by survival on raft game where you can share your game with your friends and other online players in this game. It has multiplayer mode where you can invite people around the globe to play with you. You can get help from these people in your missions and you can also get resources from them. So it will help you a lot with your game while facing difficulties. 

Build weapons

You also need different weapons for your survival and for this purpose you will get multiple items that you can use to build weapons like guns, hammer, knife, arrows, fishing and many others. Weapons will help you to kill big sea monsters like sharks easily without any problem. That’s why unlocked everything and build awesome raft with your weapons.

Explore new islands

Survival on raft game has many hidden island which you have to explore but first you have to unlock them by increasing your gaming level. Build raft to secure your island then you can visit other different islands where you can build shelters for yourself. Get all your favorite islands and enjoy this game.

Unlocked game

In basic version of survival on raft game you will get limited items and levels of this game because most part of the game will be locked. You can now easily get the unlocked version of this game by downloading the modified version of this game. This version gives complete game unlocked where everything will be available so you can play with anything without any wait.

Survival On Raft Mod Apk

Free premium access

You don’t have to purchase any premium item after having this game in modded version because it provides all premium items for free of cost. That’s why people choose this version over standard version. If you also want survival on raft game premium access for free then download the cracked version.

Endless money

You have to make money in the basic version of survival on raft game which takes time but after downloading the modified version you will get free unlimited money which you can use without any problem. This money never runs out which is why you can buy all your favorite items without face any difficulty.

Ads free game

No ads will interrupt your game after having the mod apk version of survival on raft game as it is completely free from all kind of ads. You will never lose your focus and interest while playing because there will be no advertisements in this game.


This is an incredible survival game which is why it has millions of downloaders around the world who are playing this game. Survival on raft is a recommended game on the internet which is available on website that you can download for free with all these features. If you think that you have good survival skills, then play this game and become a number one player by setting your name on leaderboard.

Survival On Raft Mod Apk


Q. How to get free unlimited money in survival on raft?

By downloading the survival on raft mod apk version you will get unlimited money in this game which you can spend without any kind of limitations.

Q. How to get free premium items in survival on raft?

Simply you just have to download the modded version of this game then you will get all premium items of survival on raft game for free.

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