Talking Angela Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Talking Angela Mod Apk

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App Name Talking Angela Mod Apk
Size 53 MB
Latest Version v3.6.1.61
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update October 17, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Talking angela is a very popular application because millions of people are entertaining themselves with this awesome application. Especially children love to play with talking angela because it has many stunning features which never lets you bore. This unique app has very good reviews and ratings everywhere on the internet by their users. In this application you will get a cute cat whose name is angela.

You can talk to that virtual cat and she will reply with your words in her voice which is a very fun feature of this application. In this app you have to take care of your cat otherwise Angela won’t be able to survive longer. You can dance with that cat and you can feed her to keep her healthy and playing. There are many other things which you can use in this app to play with that talking angela. 

Talking angela app has great optimization that’s why this app never gives lagging issues while running but make sure to run this app on a good smart device for best experience. It has a good user interface so you can easily understand everything about this app. Every age group can use this application without any difficulty. That's why more children are using it. Talking angela gives their users many entertaining features of let’s have a detailed look on them.

Talking Angela Mod Apk

What is the Talking Angela APK?

Talking angela app comes in standard version which is launched by outfit limited developers. You can download this app from different app stores or websites and the best thing is that you don’t have to pay to get this application because this standard version of this app is free to download.

In this app you will get many free items for your cat which you can use for free but there will be some other items which will be paid and you have to purchase them in order to use them. This version of talking angela contains ads so while playing with your cats you will see pop ups and video ads which will interrupt you for sure.

What is the Talking Angela Mod APK?

Talking angela app has a mod version which you can get from our website. In this mod Apk version you will get all premium features and items for free. Which means while having this app in mod version you don’t have to pay for anything because you can use any item or feature without spending your money.

You are free to play premium items so you can use all outfits, toys and games without any restriction. Only the mod version of the talking angela app gives these features for free, which is why many people love to use this app in mod Apk. No ads will interrupt your game because the mod version has no ads in this application.

Talking Angela Mod Apk

Talk with Angela

This is the main feature of this gaming application because you can talk with your angela cat and she gives you replies in her voice which is very sweet. You can play with her because this app also provides you multiple toys for this purpose.

You can say anything to your cat and she will repeat your words back so you can also amaze your friends by calling their names in her voice. So if you are getting bored and have no friends to talk to then don’t worry because Angela is there to talk with you and she will never get tired of doing this.


Play Mini Games

This is a very unique feature of talking to Angela because the developers of this app provide you with many small games which you can play with her to entertain herself because that’s how you can make her happy.

In this gaming app you need coins and diamonds to buy multiple things for your cat because this is your responsibility to take care of her. That’s how you can make money in this app by playing games. So play different games in this app and earn coins and diamonds which you can spend on different things.


Feed your Cat

In talking to Angela, you have to take care of your cat by giving her food because she gets angry if you don't give her food. You will see many food items in this app which you can use to feed your cat.

You will get fruits, chocolates, drinks, vegetables and many other items to feed her. You have to maintain the quantity of each food so for this purpose you can buy multiple items from the store. So feed your cat and raise your gaming level to unlock new features in this app.



Talking angela has this amazing feature where you can customize your angela with multiple things. You can change her eyes, lips, hair and skin color to make her unique. There are also some other items which you can customize like different outfits, glasses and shoes.

It has a built-in store where you can buy these different things for your angela. You can also apply different makeup on your cat to make her beautiful. There is a restriction on customization so think differently and make your cat pet unique to impress your friends.


Talking Angela Mod Apk

Dance with Angela

In this gaming app you can even dance with your cute angela because to make her happy is also your responsibility. You will see different music and songs which you can play to dance with her and for this purpose you will get many different moves.

You just have to tap on the buttons to make dancing moves. Talking angela app is very easy to use because it has no complications so anyone can enjoy this gaming app without any problem.

Unlimited Coins And Diamonds

This is a very unique feature by mod version because in the basic standard version of talking angela app you have to earn coins and diamonds by taking care of her or you have to play games.

But it will take so long to get a good amount of coins and diamonds that’s why the mod version provides their users free unlimited coins and diamonds in the talking angela application. So you can easily use them to buy food, toys, makeup items and many other things for your angela cat. If you also want to get free coins and diamonds, then download this app in mod Apk.


Free Premium Items

In the standard version of this app you have to buy the premium items otherwise you cannot use them for free. but in the mod version of talking angela you can easily use any premium item because there will be no restrictions which means you are free to play with any item you want.

All premium outfits, makeup items, food items and games will be available for free only because of the mod version. So if you don’t have money to buy your favorite premium items then don’t worry because the mod version is there to help you.


Completely Unlocked Features

Talking angela gaming app has so many great features and games which you can play with your cat but in the standard version you will see many items and features will be locked. You have to raise your cat level in order to unlock those things but it takes time.

Having an Angela app in the mod version you don’t have to wait for anything because everything will be completely available and unlocked. You don’t need to raise your gaming level in order to unlock new features because the mod version gives full access to the complete app for free.


No Ads for Disturbance

This is also a great feature which the mod version offers to their users for free because when you play with this app in the standard version you have to see ads because this version supports ads.

That’s why mod version gives this entire gaming application without ads which means while playing with your angela cat in mod version there will be no ads to interrupt or disturb. So you can use this amazing app peacefully only because of the mod version. If you also want talking angela without ads, then go with the mod version and enjoy.


  • High graphics with great detailing
  • Different mini games to play
  • Pet a cute cat
  • Talk with your cat
  • Different items for your cat
  • Dancing
  • Makeup
  • Customization
  • Optimized app
  • Easy to use


Talking Angela Mod Apk


  • Standard version supports ads
  • In standard version you have to buy premium feature



Talking angela gaming app is the best time killer because it has so many awesome features and mini games which you can play with your cat to kill your boredom. Best thing is that you can also play it offline which means you don’t need an internet connection to run this app.

Talking Angela is highly recommended by their users on the internet. If you want a cute little cat as a pet then download the talking angela app from our website by following simple steps. Play with your cat and bring enjoyment in your life. Before going make sure to write your thoughts about this app for other users in the comment box.


Talking Angela Mod Apk


Q. How to get free unlimited coins and diamonds while Talking Angela?

To get free unlimited diamonds and coins in talking angela app you have to download the mod Apk version of this application then you will get unlimited coins and diamonds for free.

Q. How to get fully unlocked Talking Angela?

If you want to talk about angela gaming app fully unlocked, then download the mod version of it because only the mod version provides this app fully unlocked for free.

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