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Text Scanner MOD APK

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App Name Text Scanner MOD APK
Size 6.1 MB
Latest Version v10.0.5
Price Free
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Update August 07, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Text scanner is an app that allows you to scan the different documents and turn them into JPEG documents. In this way, you can easily share them online for job applications or any other purpose. This app allows you to convert the book writings into documents so you can easily share them. It provides you with the highest accuracy of OCR. This app supports different languages and can work with any of the languages in the document form. It also supports handwritten text.

You can even use this app to scan the photos and turn the text written in the photos into a document form. This makes it very easy to edit the text and share it as your own writing. You can even combine the different documents to create one out of them.

Text Scanner

What is a Text Scanner APK?

Text Scanner is an app that allows you to scan the different books and writings to convert them into a JPEG format. This is very helpful because in this way, you can send these files to anyone using the online platforms. It is very helpful if you want to apply for a job or fill out any form. This app also works to convert the text in a picture to a document and you can even edit these documents afterwards.

Text Scanner

Best Features of Text Scanner MOD APK

Easy to work with

Text scanner is very easy to use. You just have to use the scanner and click on the scanning button while pointing it on to the book or a form that you want to convert into a JPEG format.

Turn your writings in JPEG

This app works very well with the books and the different papers. You can even scan multiple pages and combine them to make a whole document and after that you can send them to your friends.

Turn pictures into writings

If you want to get a text out of a picture then you can also do this with the help of this app. You just have to scan that picture with the help of this scanner and it will extract all the writings of that picture into a document.

Edit the Created Documents

This app also helps you to edit the documents that you create with the help of it. You can add any of your own quotes and can remove any part of that document.

 Work with various languages

There are no barriers related to the languages on this app. You can use this app to scan any kind of writing language and create documents with it.

OCR available

It has the highest accuracy of OCR which means it will scan all the text very efficiently and you can even scan the banners and different posters to extract the text out of them.

Text Scanner

What is the use of Mod of Text Scanner APK?

Text scanner Mod APK provides you with all the premium tools that are available in this app. There are some of the features of this app that are not available to you which is that you can enhance the quality of a document or a picture. This mod version provides you access to all these features for free. You are not going to see any kind of interruptions in this app.

New Features in Text Scanner MOD APK

Premium Tools available

Text scanner Mod APK provides you access to all the premium Tools for free. In this way, you can enhance the quality of a document.

No paid features

Text scanner Mod APK does not contain any paid features. It is completely free to use, there is no need to pay the subscription charges.

Unlocked app

You do not have to unlock any part of this app, it is free from all the restrictions.

No advertisement

In the mod version of the text scanner, you will not see any kind of promotional ads.

Text Scanner

Why is Text Scanner MOD APK so worth Downloading?

Text scanner Mod APK is better than its regular version because in this mod version you are going to have all the premium features available to you for free. In this way, you can save the subscription charges.

Text Scanner


Most of the time you want to extract text from different books and pictures and Text Scanner will help you a lot to do this thing. It also allows you to edit the documents afterward. But if you want to get rid of the subscription charges of this app, then you can download Text Scanner MOD APK.


Q. Can I turn the documents created from Text Scanner into PDF documents?

Yes, you can turn the documents that you create from Text Scanner into a PDF form.

Q. Who is the developer of Text Scanner?

Peace is the developer of Text Scanner.

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