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App Name uTorrent Pro APK
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Latest Version v7.6.7
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Update October 09, 2023 (9 months ago)
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uTorrent is an application that everybody is aware of. There would be hardly any movie or season lover in the world who doesn't know about the uTorrent app. But why is this application so well-known and people love it a lot? Let's learn everything about it in this article.

uTorrent Pro APK is the premium version of uTorrent which you can get for downloading the movies and games of any type. Thus the application supports downloading all the movies and TV shows plus games which you can only find on the premium applications. uTorrent is a powerful platform that can provide you with content of any year you want.

All the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Lollywood movies can be found on this platform along with the heavy storage games and TV shows. It is the best source for those who cannot afford to have a premium package of Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Hotstar. That's why this application is the favorite of the users who can get any kind of show easily by downloading it on their PC or smartphone.

The Pro version of uTorrent is a paid one but the extra features are absolutely worth it. You are going to be spared by the annoying ads that keep popping up every moment you open the application. There will be a lot of languages you can choose from to continue with the application. Apart from that all the content you download from uTorrent would come out in the best graphics quality.

There are so many features in uTorrent APK which you must see. Let's explore this application and find out what are its features, advantages, disadvantages and other important details.

UTorrent Pro – Torrent App

What is uTorrent APK?

uTorrent APK is an online movies and games downloading app that can help you get the content which is not easily available on the internet without the paid options. So if you are looking forward to watching your favorite movies or seasons for free, uTorrent APK is the best option for you that you must avail today. It has a free and paid version with some extra features which is totally up to you to buy it or not..

What is uTorrent Pro APK?

The uTorrent Pro APK is the application which offers literally the same features but it has a difference. This one is the premium version of uTorrent which comes with some extra features such as blocked ads, better quality graphics, license check and analytics disabled. There is no limit for downloading the content on a daily basis. You can do it as much as you want without any restrictions.

UTorrent Pro – Torrent App

Download movies and TV shows

This app is so brilliant and useful that you can download all of your favorite movies and TV shows within a few minutes. It is so easy to find the link of the sources and then just press download. uTorrent makes the movie downloading process so much simpler and easier that you never have to miss your favorite content.

Download games

You can also download games if you like to play them a lot. There are such games which are quite bigger in size and they are absolutely not easier to download. For this purpose uTorrent Pro APK helps and thus you can search for any game you want.

Wide variety of content

There is a huge range of content which you can download with the help of this application. There is a vast range which will make you think for once what exactly you want to download. uTorrent will take you back to all those years you used to watch your favorite movies and shows. Now looking at all of them again will remind you of those times leading you to download the older movies again to rewatch. This amazing experience is provided by the uTorrent app to add into the excitement of the users.


This application works quite fast that you never have to wait for so long to get your favorite content to watch. It works efficiently no matter what the process is. All you need is a good device to download this app and a strong internet connection which will lead you to have an instant approach to the video content of your choice.

UTorrent Pro – Torrent App

No size or downloading limits

Sometimes you are restricted to a few GBs or number of movies for downloading in a single day. Some apps and websites do this and it absolutely becomes highly annoying for the users. uTorrent on the other hand doesn't have any size or downloading limits. You can literally download a hundred movies in a single day of the biggest storage size.

Self-Integrated music and video players

There are built-in video and music players in this application which allows the users to play the downloaded material directly in the application. You do not even have to move out of your application to play the downloaded stuff, so you can just play it inside the application.

Download MP3 music

The uTorrent Pro APK also provides the freedom to download the mp3 music so easily in your smartphones or tablets. So if you are looking for only songs for download on uTorrent, you are not in the wrong place.

Banned ads

There are usually ads in the free version of uTorrent APK. With the pro version you will get rid of the ads automatically and will never have to experience them again. It is such a fun thing that amuses people a lot and makes their streaming and downloading experience ever better.

Introductory price

The price kept for the premium version is highly introductory. It is quite affordable for the new users and it is almost an unbothered figure of amount that one can easily pay.

Auto shutdown feature

This application also has an auto shutdown feature that controls your battery life. In order to save your battery this application gets shut down automatically when it's not in use

Battery saver

uTorrent Pro APK is also a battery saver which shuts down when your device is at low battery status. It cares about the performance of your battery life that's why it shuts down the application or any functioning going on inside it to save the remaining battery.

Only WiFi mode

It keeps your downloading on an only WiFi mode so you can save your data connection. Actually downloading the bigger files takes a lot of time and internet connection so it's not possible to do it over a simple data connection

UTorrent Pro – Torrent App

Better graphics

The graphics of the content improve a lot more with the uTorrent Pro APK as compared to the simpler version of this application. The graphics are generally the most important thing in an application that provides the video content. So the improved graphics are a plus point in this pro version of uTorrent APK.

Multiple languages

If you are from another state who understands a specific language, then uTorrent Pro APK has a brilliant feature of multiple languages for you. Just switch to any of the languages you speak or understand and start using the uTorrent app to download whatever you want.


Download large size movies and seasons
Download games
Fast downloads
Wide range of content
Better graphics
Built-in video and music editor
Mp3 downloads
Unlimited downloads
Battery saver
Banned ads


Needs subscription
Some movies may not be availabl


uTorrent Pro APK is a delight to download in your Android devices to get all those movies and shows that you are unable to watch for free. There is no other better option than uTorrent for those users who do not want to pay for getting all the games and movies available at a premium cost. This app is free, safe and absolutely worth it which can provide you some extra features if you buy it's premium version which is all up to you.

If you have any comments regarding this application, do let us know in the comment section as we anxiously await your response.

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Q. What can I download using uTorrent Pro APK?

You can download the movies, TV seasons and games of the larger files with the help of uTorrent Pro APK.

Q. Is uTorrent Pro APK a good option for the Android users?

Yes, the Android users can download the uTorrent Pro APK because they won't ever regret their decision.

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