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Today in this article we are going to discuss a virtual  app. This virtual android app name is Vmos pro. This app has excellent features and unique options. Vmos app is basically an app based virtual machine. This app is like using a software in another software. You will have another android operating system in your android phone.

Vmos pro is developed by VMOS App Cloner. It requires an operating system of Android 5.1 or up versions. This app has more than 1 million users, those who use and trust this app. It provides your phone a guest operating system that is not affected by your real phone operating system. You will get a whole mobile in an app.

This app has amazing features that will not disappoint you. You must download this app and enjoy its wide range of options. You just need RAM and free space in your mobile. This works wonders if you can enjoy many features which you can’t in your real mobile.



The standard version of this app Vmos pro apk is available on the internet. You can download it from their website or from google play store without spending any money. Vmos pro app creates a guest operating system in your mobile which you can access along with your original operating system. There are also in-app purchases required in this app to access the premium version and tools.

There are many risky files and apps available on the internet that can damage your mobile or you can also damage your data. You can open or download them in vmos pro apk without fearing any damage. You can use it for many purposes like you can use a rooted app without actually rooting your mobile. This app operating system is independent of your mobile’s operating system. You can access different unprotected files with this app. But the speed of this app’s OS will be less as compared to the mobile OS. This is a full screen app with a user interface just like the real android.


Along with the standard version of the app there is also a modified version available on the internet. That version is known as Vmos pro mod apk. You can download this app from our website for free. This app has many additional options along with all the features of the apk version. There is no ads disturbance and lagging in this mod apk version.

With the help of this app you can use many different apps that are restricted for your phone. It provides all the premium options that are very powerful and useful for better app experience. The modified version deals with all the issues of the standard version hence solving them. The user interface of this application is the same for standard and hacked versions. All the pre downloaded apps of your phone will be there in the app when you download it.


Rooted Apps

With the help of Vmos pro apk you can use any rooted app without rooting your mobile phone. This app has the root option by default it only root the virtual OS without concerning your original OS. You can access all apps that need root permission with its help.

Restricted Apps

There are few apps which are restricted for specific mobile devices. For example google play store can not be used on many huawei mobiles like Huawei mate 30. This virtual machine allows you to access all these restricted apps. You can use google play store on huawei mate 30.

Unprotected Files

There are few unprotected apps and files like game tutorials, websites and apps that you want to use but they can threaten your phone or corrupt your whole data. For this purpose also this app is helpful. You can download them in this virtual app and use it without any harm.

Mobile Apps

When you download vmos pro apk in your mobile you will see that all your mobile phone apps including built-in apps (calendar, calculator or google) in it along with all pre downloaded apps (games, Facebook, Instagram etc) already present in the app. You can use them on both OS at the same time.

Requirements and Permissions

Like every other android app this app also has some requirements and permissions. You must have more than 2gb RAM and 32gb internal storage with at least 2gb free space. It also requires many permissions(storage, camera and mobile information etc) to provide you best simulation of your device.

Gaming and Testing

Many games on the internet are not secure; they can affect your mobile performance . But if you download them in this app you can enjoy them without any lagging. You can also test new software with it.

Multitasking or Two Screens

With all other amazing features this apk version provides another great option of multitasking. You can adjust two screens on a single phone. If you want to use two different apps at the same time you can use them even if they are from two different operating systems.

User Interface

This app is really easy to use as the user interface is just like an android set interface. You will not need any tutorial and can master it with single use. All the apps and their functions will be the same.


App Clone

There are so many reasons for using this app. Like this app offers app clones. If you want to use two different social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram at the same time or play one game with two ids you can use it. One app on the mobile operating system and the same app on the virtual machine operating system.

Unlocked Premium Version

The mod apk version offers you all the features of the standard version completely free. This also includes the premium version. As in the apk version you first need to purchase the premium version and can use it. But the hacked version is completely unlocked. You have unlimited access to every feature.

No Lagging or Ads

Sometimes these free apps lag and give unnecessary popup ads that disturbs the users. The vmos pro mod apk is free of all types of lagging and ads disturbance. You can use this astonishing app without any disturbance.


Vmos pro is different from other apps because of its unique features and interface. Therefore this app has gained positive remarks from its users. This android app is completely secure for your phone. It will not cause any harm or virus. In fact it will secure your mobile from damage.

With this many options and features this app surely deserves a chance. You must download it and experience two systems in one phone. It has many different benefits. You can do so many mobile activities with this app that you hesitate to do in your original phone



Q. Does virtual app operating system affect mobile’s OS?

No, they both are independent of each other and can be used simultaneously.

Q. How to unlock the premium version without paying the price?

You can download the vmos pro mod apk version that offers all the features without any fees.

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