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After photo editing the video editing is the one skill that has the most scope. The photographers and videographers have always been the busiest ones because they have to edit so much stuff in a little period of time. There are so many video editors that can be downloaded on your smartphone. So many video editing apps are there on Google Play Store but people want something really special and out of the box.

Here is an excellent video editing app called VN Mod APK that is excellent and has so many new features. These features are usually found in the high-end video editing software that could be only downloaded on the PC and MacBooks. There are so many filters, effects, video editing tools of marvelous quality that can do wonder for you. There are even soundtracks and effects that you can add in the background to make videos more attractive.

This application is perfect for the use of professional video editors who need to edit ad videos, wedding and event films and all the other sorts of videos. With a number of features you will be mesmerized to have the best experience through this app. A big number of features are here to describe this app to you. Keep reading to see what's so special in this app and why it is so perfect for the users.


What is VN APK?

VN APK is a well-known video editor app that is used to edit videos of all types. One can use this app for personal as well as professional use too. There are so many filters and effects that you will never have any shortage of features and tools when editing your videos with this app.

There are two versions of this application; one is free as usual while the other one is paid. The reason it is the premium one is because there are users who need extra features to edit their videos. So for availing these premium features they pay a subscription fee to get all those editing tools.

What is VN Mod APK?

VN Mod APK is the modified version of this application which has been developed for a reason. As mentioned above, the premium features are only available at a particular cost and cannot be used without paying the charges.

This version was launched to help those users who want to avail those features but without paying any charges. It was launched as a solution for those users who cannot afford to pay for these features and still want to use them. By downloading this version nobody had to buy a subscription but use this premium version for free.


Professional Video Editor

This app is a professional video editor indeed because this app is absolutely premium and fantastic. There are features in this app that are so amazing that one cannot believe it is just a mobile application. A number of video editing tools and features that are only available on a high quality video editing software. This excellent quality makes this app number 1 video editor application for the Android users.

Excellent Video Editing Tools

This app will provide you excellent video editing tools that you have never seen anywhere else. The collection of editing tools and techniques this app has can be hardly found in any other particular video editor app. From compiling short video clips to rotating and cropping the videos, and adding different kinds of effects and filters, this app is really a masterpiece for you.

Choose Video Templates

There are many video templates too in this app that can be chosen to get the best editing. These templates are created depending upon a number of moods, events and occasions. It all depends upon the type of video you want to create by editing. You can select that certain mood in a long list of video templates and edit your video accordingly to get that feel and emotion in your final edited video.

Add Background Music

There is also an option to add the background music in the videos. You can add the soundtracks and the sound effects as well. There is a large list of music and sound effects that represent a certain sound. Whenever you need a sound effect you can head towards the music library to search and find that sound effect.

This music library also contains thousands of songs to add in your videos. There are copyright free songs too so you may add them and upload those videos on YouTube and other streaming platforms to not get banned eventually. Therefore this feature of VPN APK is highly appreciated by the users.


Adjust Playback Speed

Now you can also adjust the playback speed of your videos by slowing down or turning them to the fast mode. It all is based on your requirement that what kind of speed you want to apply to your videos. There are options like slowing down videos to 0.5x and 0.25x while you can also speed them up by putting them on 1.5x and 2.0x. Hence you can adjust the speed of your edited videos to meet particular requirements.

Save in High Quality

This app allows you to save your final edited videos to the highest video quality. You can save your videos in upto 4K and HD video quality because this feature is now available in VN Mod APK. As we mentioned this app can be a perfect fit for your professional video editing purposes then there is no doubt it has an option of saving edited videos in such good quality formats.

Share Videos to Social Media

There is also an option to share your videos directly to social media after editing them. You can share your videos to YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp and to many other social media platforms. For this purpose you do not have to save your videos first in the storage memory of your device.

Incredible Filters and Effects

There are so many filters and effects that you can apply to your videos while editing. These filters are so colorful and vibrant that they will make your video's dull look to an incredible one so shocking. Plus the effects in this app are also designed to give a certain mood to the videos. With these effects you can make your videos impactful and influential since these effects give great symbolism and meaning to the videos.

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Add Sound Effects

You can also add the sound effects of your choice to represent a certain situation or mood. For instance if you are editing a horror video then you can add the horror sound effects in various places to make the video look realistic. There are 100+ sound effects that you can choose and apply to your videos as per your choice or video's criteria

Add Texts

You must have seen attractive texts in the huddos and you might wonder how those have been added in the videos. Well the video editing apps like VN Mod APK can be used to add those texts very easily. There are so many fonts and transition styles through which you can add those texts in the videos. This option is best for those videos you are supposed to upload on your social media accounts. It will help you express your thoughts via video and the text written in it.

Split and Trim Video Clips

If a video clip is too long or boring and you only want to use the best part of it, then the split and trimming features are available in this app. You can trim out the irregular parts of the videos and add them in your final video in the perfect quality. From smaller to larger extent, the trimming feature works very well and helps you achieve the best state of the video clip you want.

Add Mirror Effect

A mirror effect in the video can enhance the quality of your video and make it more dramatic or interesting. With the mirror effect of the videos you can turn the one screen into two. The same video will be playing in both the windows which is the best thing for the videos that want to have an interesting and creative twist in them to impress the viewers.

Multiple Video Transitions

There are various video transitions as well that can be applied in the closing and opening of new video clips every time you play your videos. These types of video transitions represent a certain mood and circumstances provided in the video. You can literally enjoy the videos in this way by seeing the dramatic and attractive transitions.

Free to Download

This application is free to download, which means nobody has to pay for the free or paid version of VN Mod APK. You van always enjoy this app and get it for free no matter how many times you are downloading it in different devices.

No In-app Purchases

There are no in-app purchases required in this application because all the features are already unlocked and available. All the premium tools and video editing features are already there in this app so one doesn't have to make the in-app purchases. All the stuff is unlocked and available for free.

Unlocked Editing Tools

All the editing tools that were booked for the premium mode are also unlocked in this modified version of VN APK. You can edit your videos with all these editing tools for free. There is no need to pay for the subscriptions and in-app purchases as the editing tools are already unlocked for free.

Anti-ban Feature

This app also has an anti-ban feature that comes along with this app. One does not have to worry about using a modified version of a video editor app because this anti-ban feature will save you from getting banned.

Many users often get banned for using mod apps and games because they avail the premium services without buying subscriptions. That's why an anti-ban tool in VN Mod APK guarantees you the best video editing experience with free premium features, at absolutely no downloading cost.

Compile Several Video Clips

You can compile a number of video clips together to complete one proper video. In video editing, several video clips are collected, edited and then compiled in one form to get the best quality final video. You can compile these videos by fixing them first so you may get one good video in the end.



Free video editor
Premium quality features
Available for free
Multiple features and editing tools
Perfect for professional use
No subscription required


Cannot beat the performance of a good PC video editor software.


VN Mod APK is a brilliant app for you if you are a professional video editor and need some best kind of video editing app with great quality features. It is a perfect app for you if you are looking for something similar without paying any sort of subscription charges.

We hope you have downloaded this app up till now and are enjoying its features. We would love to hear your views about this app and how good it is. Please share your feedback in the comment box given below and provide your honest opinion about VN Mod APK for other users.


Q. Can I add background sounds and tracks in videos through VN Mod APK?

Yes, you can add the background music songs and sounds in your videos using VN Mod APK. This feature does exist in this app through which you will get a big music Library to select the copyright free songs and music for your videos.

Q. Can I use the VN Mod APK on my PC?

Yes, there is a simple way of using VN Mod APK in your PC that is an Android emulator which you can install on your PC and download later to use this app.

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