War Machines mod apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

War Machines Mod Apk

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App Name War Machines mod apk
Size 120.5 MB
Latest Version v8.7.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update July 22, 2023 (4 months ago)
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War Machines apk is basically a military game that is made on the objectives of the army. In this game we have to destroy our enemy's tank and keep our tank safe from the eyes of the enemy. This  game is downloaded by 100 million plus users. The graphics of this game are very attractive and are based on the army. This game is made for both android and ios users. We can easily download this game from the playstore or official website.

It is a 3 dimensional game. There are 4 different maps in this game. In this game we have different types of tanks that we can buy by collecting coins. This is an 8 player game. Every tank has different features and every tank is different from previous tanks. We can play this game on both laptop and mobile phone.

War Machines Mod Apk

What is War Machines apk?

In this game we have 8 players. One is we and 7 are enemies and we have to kill all the enemies to win the game and when we win the game then we get some coins through which we can buy new tanks. We can also get some diamonds that are used to upgrade the tanks. Different tanks that we can buy will have different specifications and every one is different from others. In this we have 5 maps that are Desert Post, Village, Ship Docks, Hill Base and Oil Field.

We can select a map according to our choice and start the battle. We have to save our tank from our enemies and we have 3 minute time in which we have to kill all enemy tanks. We can also collect resources in this game. In this game bullet sign, maps are shown on our screen. Through a map we get to know where our enemy is now. This is an online game. In this all the enemies are anywhere from the world.

What is War Machines mod apk?

War Machine mod apk is the hacked version of the official game present on playstore. In this we get all the features unlimited without spending any money. In this we can get unlimited coins and diamonds. We can use them anywhere in our game.

We can get rid of ads and with unlimited coins and diamonds we can unlock different things and we can also upgrade our tanks which will increase its efficiency more and help us to win more games. We also get unlimited boosters in it.

War Machines Mod Apk


Following are the features of this game:

Unlimited Diamonds

We can get unlimited diamonds and through them we can upgrade our tank to different levels and take advantage of their fastest features.

Unlimited Coins

We can get unlimited coins and cann buy different tanks, different resources and can take advantage of every feature of the tank and there are more chances to win the game.

Levels Unlocked

Unlocked different levels and we can play any level according to our will.

Ad Free

In this version we can get all the things unlimited so we don't have any need to see the ads and unlock any feature. So we get rid of all kinds of advertisements.

Unlimited Boosters

In this we get all the boosters unlimited and we can use them in our game where we can use them.

Unlimited Tank Resources

We get unlimited tank resources that are used in tanks to kill the enemies. We also get unlimited tank bullets that are used in kills. With these resources we can do double or triple kills.

Online Secured Game

This is an online secured game. No malware is present in it that harms our mobile phone, laptop or game.

War Machines Mod Apk


War Machine apk is an army based game in which we have to defeat our enemies through our tank and also we can collect resources that come in our way in our game. We have 3 minutes to complete our mission to kill our enemies and win the game. When we win the game then we get coins and diamonds that are used in buying new tanks and in upgrading tanks.

In War Machine mod apk we have unlimited and unlocked features that are paid in the official version but free in this hacked version. We can take advantage of all these paid features freely without paying any money and win more and more games. we just have to download this mod apk from any website and enjoy playing our game.


Q. Is War Machine apk an online game or offline game?

War Machine apk is an online game because in this the enemies that come are from any part of the world. So that's why this game is played only in online mode.

Q. How to get unlimited diamonds in War Machine apk?

We can get unlimited diamonds in War Machine apk by downloading its hacked version. We can get all the features unlimited in War Machine mod apk.

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