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Adventure and thrill can captivate people’s interest. There are many adventurous and interesting fighting simulation games available on the internet. One of which is Warships Battle, a naval war simulation game. This game is very exciting with realistic graphics and amazing features. It has many powerful tools that will give you real warship feel.

The Warships Battle is based on warships specially the WW1 and WW2. It has amazingly real battlefield scenarios available even the events of WW1 and WW2. There are many different tools available that will help you to defeat your enemy and win the war. You will be astonished by the options of warships and weapons available. This fascinating game has more than million satisfied users with excellent experiences and feedbacks.

This game allows you to enjoy the feel of a warship commander and take part in the epic war missions. There you will participate in many wars between two rival nations. The user interface of this thrilling battle is very simple to understand and use. You will have all the controls of the ships available on the screen.



The original version of the game Warships Battle APK can be downloaded online or from play store. This adventurous game is developed by JoyCity Corp. They designed it in a manner that it looks like a real battle with real warships and weapons. Initially all the basic features are available but premium features are unlocked. This app contains in-app purchasing with real money.

The gameplay of this game reflects a deadly naval war, where you work as a strategic commander who need to lead his side’s warships. You can select the warship of your choice from the different ships available. You can even participate in the events of WW1, WW2 and other historical wars and change the end result in to your favor. There are many deadly weapons and powerful equipment that will help you to win. You will also have different aircraft carriers there. As you upgrade your gaming level new items will be introduced.



The Warships Battle MOD APK is the modified version of the original game. All the features of the standard version including the basic and premium is available in the mod apk game. The gameplay and interface of both functions are exactly alike. It is a completely protected application that offers you a clear interface that is ads free.

There are many other options also available like it provides all the premium tools without charging real money, all the difficult missions, Warships, customization tools are unlocked. You can also play the different modes of the game without paying the real money. Here also you play as a ship commander who needs to defeat his nation’s enemies and also save his base.


Gaming Modes

Warships Battle offers different gaming modes with different scenarios and requirements. These modes include Boss Attack, Battle Arena, World War, Time Attack and Hidden Missions. You can select the mode of your choice. Each has a specific reward.


There is a huge variety of warships available in this game. Every ship has some special power but not every warship in unlocked. You need to upgrade in game to unlock them. You can also customize your ships according to your style.

Deadly Weapons

The weapons available in the game are all those that were used in the WW1 WW2 and other historical naval wars. These weapons include cannons, naval guns, torpedoes, bombers and many other.

3D Graphics

The 3D graphics are designed in a manner to give you the real feel of naval wars. The characters and tools are designed perfectly. The warships, weapons, battle regions and in fact the events are developed in a way that they reflects the time of war.


Every mode of the game has different exciting missions where you need damage a number of opponent’s warships, rescue yours and protect your bases. After every mission you will receive a reward.

Game Currencies

There are different currencies introduced in the game. Like dollars, gold, tickets, silver stars and gold stars. Each are used for different purposes like upgrading ships, buying items, increase skills and recruit officers etc.


Museum and Its Points

A museum in Warships Battle is used to store the ships that you have. You can store your ships there and earn museum points. To store more ships you need to expand the museum. Gold is spend for this reason. The ships stored in the museum cannot be used in the boss attack.

Access to Device

The Warships Battle requires specific permissions to access your device. You need to give it access to the photos, storage and even contacts. With the access to contacts it gives you update about which of your contact is also playing Warships Battle.


The controls of the game are smooth and easy to handle. There are two types of controls available. The first provides you different buttons on the screen to navigate the directions. And the other use your mobile’s accelerometer. Both are simple you can easily attack your enemy.

No Ads Disturbance

Ads disturbance can be the biggest turn off poi t for a player. As it disturb the exciting rhythm of the game. In the mod apk version of Warships Battle you will be provided an ads free environment to play. So that you can enjoy the clear gameplay without any distraction or interruption.


Free Premium Features

As the original version of the game is a freemium application it contains in-app purchasing. As the user have to spent his real money many players ignore the premium tools despite of their benefits. Therefore the mod apk version provides all these premium tools absolutely free, so that every player can use it.

Unlimited Money

There are different currencies in the game, each with different specifications. You get them either by using real cash or winning difficult missions. But when you download the hacked version you get unlimited amount of these currencies for free.

Unlocked Tools

There are different powerful tools like weapons, warships and customization tools that are locked initially in the apk version. But in the Warships Battle mod apk you get ever tool completely free and unlocked.


The Warships Battle is a very interesting and enjoyable game. It offers you brilliant graphics, real life naval weapons, powerful Warships and many more tools. It is a well-liked must try game. You must download it to have a thrilling experience.
It is a best time killer that will not let you get tired with its regular updates. With new updates new tools will also introduced. It is one of the best battle simulation game.



Q. How to get unlimited currencies of the game without paying any cash?

For this reason, you can download the mod apk version of the game that offers you an unlimited amount of game currencies completely free.

Q. Does the modified version of the game contains any malware or virus that can damage our phone?

No, there is no malware or any virus in the hacked version. It is completely safe and secure to download.

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