Wastat Mod Apk (MOD, 1.39 / Mod: Free subscription)

Wastat Mod Apk

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App Name Wastat Mod Apk
Size 19.98MB
Latest Version v1.61
MOD Info 1.39 / Mod: Free subscription
Price Free
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Update April 15, 2023 (8 months ago)
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If you are looking for an application which can provide you with a tracking feature for whatsapp then you are very close to that application as we are going to introduce that unique application. Wastat is that app in which you will get all tracking features that you can use to check the activity of your child or friend without letting them know.

In this application you can easily add multiple contacts numbers whom you want to track so they will never know that they are being watched. Wastat app is very light in size that’s why you can download it on any smart device without any problem. You can also check the online activity times of those accounts in this application. This app will give you notification whenever someone is online.

Wastat app works smoothly because of the good optimization which is why you will never get any kind of lagging issues in this application. This app is very simple as it has a friendly user interface so anyone can use this app without any problem. Now let’s explore some other features of this tracking app.

Wastat Mod Apk

What is Wastat APK?

Wastat is a tracking application which you can use to check the activity of your contacts without any problem. This application comes in standard version which you can download for free so you don’t need to spend money on this application. But for the premium features you have to spend money otherwise you cannot use them because they will be locked. In this simple version you will also see video and popup advertisements.

What is Wastat Mod APK?

Wastat application also has a modified version which gives all premium features for this application for free. So in this version you can enjoy all vip features without purchasing them because the mod version never charges money for anything. There will be no advertisements that’s why you will never get interrupted by anything while using this version. You don’t need to give the permissions of this app in this version.

Wastat Mod Apk

Track your Contacts

This is the main feature of wastat application because it provides a tracking feature which you can use to track the online activity on any people you want. It has no restrictions on anything so you can add any contact number in this application. This application works great so you will never face any kind of trouble. Those contacts will never know that they are being watched by you.

Check Online Activity

After adding those contact numbers whom you want to track and you can also see their online activity. Whenever they are online on whatsapp with someone you will get notification on your mobile device and they will never know about anything. That’s why wastat is a great application because it provides complete security to their users so they will never get caught by anyone.

Get Notification

Wastat application also provides a notification feature which you can enable on this application without any problem. This app will notify you whenever someone is online on their application then you will get a message within seconds so you will never lose any chance of tracking. All you just need to add your friends or children whom you want to track then you can easily use this feature. 

Add People

In the wastat application you can add 10 different people to track their activity. This is the limit so you cannot add more than 10 contact numbers. There is another great option that you will get is that you can easily turn off any contact notification so you will never receive any kind of alert from that contact. Adding and removing features is quite easy which is why you will never get any complications while using this option.

Analyze Online Statistics

This is another great feature where you can check 30 days’ statistics of all contacts to check everything in detail. You can easily see how much time has been spent in total in 30 days. It has a total minutes per day option and total hours that you check according to your choice. They will never get any kind of sign that someone is tracking their online activity so feel safe to use this application on your mobile device. 

Free from Ads

In the basic version of wastat app you will see ads multiple times which interrupts a lot while using. That’s why there are many people who choose this mod version as it is 100% free from all kinds of advertisements. That's why you will add a free version of this application where you can use this app without watching popups and videos. So just download this version on your device and use this awesome tracking app peacefully.

Complimentary Premium Access

Wastat app has premium features which are paid. That's why you have to purchase them to get access otherwise you can only use free features with limitations. But now you can enjoy all vip features of this application for free only in cracked version as it allows you to get free access over the entire application. That's why you don’t have to pay for anything while using this version.

No Ban Feature

As we all know that cracked applications often get banned with the time that is why people think a lot before downloading them. But wastat is completely free from this problem because it has no ban feature which means you will never get banned while using this application in this version. If you also want an anti-ban feature, then download this app from our website and get this awesome feature in your tracking app.

Wastat Mod Apk


Wastat is a great application to track the online activity of anyone. This app has millions of users around the world who are using the quality services to track their children and friends. So if you also want to track someone then wastat is highly recommended for this purpose. Just download this app by clicking the download button. Use this app and write your honest review about it in the comment section with other users.



Q. How to get wastat vip access for free?

You can get free vip access to wastat by downloading the mod apk version of this application because this is the only version which provides free access.

Q. Is the wastat mod version safe to use?

Yes! wastat mod version has no issues or any kind of virus that’s why it will never harm your device so you can easily use this application this version.

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