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WhatsApp Mod Apk

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App Name WhatsApp Mod Apk
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Update October 09, 2023 (9 months ago)
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WhatsApp is a well-known communication application which has billions of users around the world that’s why it is the world's number one communication platform. WhatsApp is a top rated application all over the internet with millions of positive reviews by their users. This app provides you a place where you can talk with your friends and family members for free. This application is completely free so you can connect with your friends and other people without spending a single penny.

WhatsApp is a message application which allows you to send documents, pictures and videos to your friends and family easily. With this app you can chat with anyone who has a WhatsApp account. There are no limitations or restrictions in WhatsApp so you can chat as much as you want. All you need is a good internet connection to run this application. This unique messenger application also helps people to grow their business in the WhatsApp community.

WhatsApp doesn't need big space storage which means you can install it on low space storage. This epic application is fully optimized so you will never face any kind of lagging issue while using WhatsApp. This communication app has many enormous features which have made WhatsApp number one app in the world. So let’s have a look at the features of this app.

WhatsApp Mod APK

What is WhatsApp APK?

WhatsApp is an online application which helps people to connect with each other by using their services like you can chat with your friends and family on WhatsApp. This is the standard version of this application which is available everywhere on the internet. This basic version of WhatsApp has many features which are completely free to use. Standard version of WhatsApp is free to download and there are no hidden charges in it. Make your account through your phone number on this application then you are free to call or chat with your people on WhatsApp. Share your favorite photos and videos with your family on this amazing app.

What is WhatsApp Mod APK?

WhatsApp mod is a cracked version which has some features which you will never get in the standard basic version of it. This mod version of WhatsApp has no restrictions or limitations so you don’t need to follow their terms or rules to run this app on your device. You can send data to more than 5 people in the mod version because there is no restriction in this version. In this version you can hide your last seen so one can see your activity on WhatsApp. The mod version also offers you this feature where you can hide all your online activity so nobody will be able to see you active on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mod APK

Chat with people

This is the main feature of WhatsApp because it gives you the opportunity to connect with other people who are on WhatsApp. Chat with your friends and family members on this application and the good thing is that there are no limitations so you can chat as much as you want.

Make sure to connect your device with a good WIFI or data connection because WhatsApp requires the internet to work. It has multiple options which you can use to send emojis and stickers to your friends. You can also download different stickers in this app. There is no subscription or any charges to chat which means everything is free in it.

Share Pictures and Videos

This is a pretty amazing feature of WhatsApp because with this feature you can easily share pictures and videos with anyone on WhatsApp. There are no limitations which means you can share anytime without limits. This messenger maintains the picture quality so if you send pictures to your friends they will receive high quality.

Sharing videos has never been easy but WhatsApp has made it very easy. Open gallery, select video and share with anyone without any problem. You can also send many photos and videos at once by selecting them at once.

Voice calls and video calls

WhatsApp is also known for the high quality voice and video calls. With this application you can call your friend and family anytime whenever you want because there are no restrictions on anything. It gives you high quality service that’s why while calling someone you will never face voice issues or any other problem because they often send updates to maintain the quality of this app.

Video call your friends and get the best video result from this app. All you need is a high speed internet connection to connect your smart device to get the best voice and video quality in calls. You can also make group calls which is really exciting because group calls always bring fun. Add your favorite people in call with just one click.

Post Status

We all post the status of everything nowadays to show our friends what we are doing. WhatsApp has this epic feature so you can post status on your WhatsApp account. You can also check the status of other people who are added with you in your contact list. Status could be anything like photo, video, gif image and written post.

Share your activity with your friends on WhatsApp and stay connected with them all the time. There are no limits so you can post so many statuses at once. You can hide your status from specific people by marking their names in a hide list or you can make a group of people to share your status with them.

Fully protected

Security and protection is very important especially when it comes to private chats and calls. That's why WhatsApp gives you 100% security in this matter. Your all chats are fully secured and no one can read them in any way so there are no such issues in this app. Your personal voice and video calls are completely end to end encrypted which means you are fully protected while calling.

Even WhatsApp has a feature where you can add two step verification for more protection. You can also set a password or a fingerprint scanner in WhatsApp so every time you open it will ask you about the verification.

Share location

This feature is very useful because you don’t need to go to the maps to share your location because WhatsApp has this amazing feature. You can easily share location with anyone on WhatsApp just turn on your location from mobile then open location in WhatsApp then you are free to share.

It has an option which is called live location which you can share. When someone tracks your live location then you will get a notification from WhatsApp that your location is under use. You can also set pins in your location to point out the specific area in location.

WhatsApp Mod APK

Share documents

Sharing documents under the protection is always hard but that’s not a problem now because WhatsApp has this enormous feature where you can easily share documents. Any kind of document is acceptable in this application. Just Choose document and share with anyone under full protection. You can also send multiple documents at once because there are no limits in this feature.

Dark Theme

Bright themes always hurt eyes at night that’s why WhatsApp introduced the dark theme in their app. Now you can enable the dark mode to save your eyes at night. It is your choice you can set any theme of it anytime. Dark theme is so light and looks very pleasant at night. Which means now you can use this epic social media application at night without hurting your eyes anymore.

Hide activity

Mod versions always excite people with their features and specialties. That's why people always look for the mod version of any app because it gives people freedom to use. WhatsApp has a mod version which gives you this amazing feature in which you can hide your activity so no one can see you online even when you are online.

In the mod version of WhatsApp, you can see status without letting them know that you have seen their status. Standard version of WhatsApp doesn’t give you this feature so if you want this then download the mod version.

Send media files to more people

In the regular basic version of WhatsApp, you can only choose 5 people to send a picture, video, document or a file because this is the limit in this version which you have to follow. If you want to end this limit then download the mod version of WhatsApp which gives you freedom to choose people as much as you want. In this version you don’t need to follow anything because the mod version provides you with these quality features which you can use for free.

Download status stories

This feature of the mod version is very interesting because in the standard version you cannot download other people's statuses as there is no option exists. Mod version of this app offers you this unique feature so you can easily download any status from your WhatsApp without letting them know. While having this feature in your app you don’t need to ask your friends to send you their status pictures or videos anymore.

Send big files

Regular WhatsApp doesn't allow you to send a big file because it has a limit of 16 MBs but in the mod version of this app you can send up to 30 MBs file to anyone. This is a very useful feature because now you don’t need to trim video or reduce the quality of any document to send someone. Free yourself from all the restrictions and send files more than 16 MBs to anyone on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mod APK

See message without seen

Now this is something different because the mod version of WhatsApp gives you this epic specialty where you can read messages without letting other people know. There will be no blue tick for them but in reality you have seen their messages. No doubt this feature is quite unique and if you really want this then you need to install this version in your device.

Download profile picture

You can also download the profile pictures of the users with the help of WhatsApp Mod APK. The regular version of WhatsApp doesn't provide this convenience to it's users which is quite disappointing. That's why this new WhatsApp has got you covered and will get you all the profile pictures downloaded in your smartphone. You just have to click on the photo and press the save button to start downloading the image.


Free to use
Voice and video calls
Unlimited chats
Fully secured
Easy to use
Share photos and videos
Group chats and calls
Share daily moments on status
Share locations and documents


Need internet connection.

WhatsApp Mod APK


WhatsApp is a very popular application because it has many awesome features which you will never get from any other social media application. With this application you can connect with your family and friends. You can make voice or video calls to anyone on WhatsApp and your calls will be in high quality. Share your daily moments in your community by posting pictures and videos on status.

It is a world famous app that’s why it is recommended by millions of people on the internet. Press the download button and get this stunning application on your device. Also share your thoughts about this WhatsApp mod with the other people in the comment section.

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Q. Can I use a mod version of the WhatsApp Mod APK offline?

No! you cannot use the WhatsApp mod version offline because this application needs internet connection. Connect your device with the internet and get the proper experience of WhatsApp.

Q. Is it safe to download the mod version of WhatsApp APK?

The mod version of WhatsApp is completely safe to download because it will not harm your device or personal information so feel safe to get this version on your device.

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