Wildcraft Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Wildcraft Mod Apk

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App Name Wildcraft Mod Apk
Size 16.02 MB
Latest Version v29.1_nvidia
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update July 17, 2023 (11 months ago)
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This is a battle game which is different and difficult from other games. The name of the game is Wildcraft.The story of this game is that you have to raise your family. You can choose any of your characters like fox, wolf and many others.And you have to save your cubs from your enemies. Your enemies will be more powerful than you. They will have more energy and power as compared to you.So you have to make yourself stronger and train yourself first to fight with them. 

This game is all about fighting for your own people and saving them.Your cubs cannot fight this is why you have to fight for them to save them. If the enemies will destroy your cubs and your family then you will lose the game.The game has 3D graphics and amazing HD quality. You can customize your character by changing their body, skins, gender, furs etc. once you play this game you will get addicted to this game.

Wildcraft Mod Apk

What is wildcraft apk?

Wildcraft apk is an action game in which you have to save your cubs from getting killed by your enemies.You were the leader of your family and you have to raise a family. In this game you will explore a 3D world.You just have to be safe from the wild animals.

What is wildcraft Mod Apk?

Wildcraft Mod Apk is a modded version of the famous game which is also called a hack version in other words.You can play and download this game for free and you can also avail premium features with the help of the mod version.

Wildcraft Mod Apk

Hard to survive

As you all know that this is a battle game of wild animals which means that survival in this game would not be easy at all.Survival in real life without these enemies is hard so think how hard the game survival will be with wild animals.You have to try your best to survive in the game. You will have your dangerous enemies all around you.All these enemies are very dangerous for our cubs and for ourselves.We have to save these cubs and ourselves from these wild animals.

Animal customisation

All of us love to customize our characters in the game. If you play a game with one character and one outfit everyone will get bored with this.So to add some fun they have allowed us to customise our animal characters. In this game we can change the outfits, eyes, fur and many more things.We can also change our characters. All the outfits and accessories are categorised by their names. This will help you to customize easily.This is the most important thing to keep our animals updated and make them look like a professional player.

Wildcraft Mod Apk

Defeat enemies

This game is all about death and survival. Everyone knows that this is a battle game so you have to play this game very carefully with your mind strategy.You will have to fight with your enemies to save your animals. If you won’t play carefully then you will lose your cubs.So to save them you have to defeat each and every of your enemies which will be hard for you and will take time.Otherwise the enemies will destroy all of your cubs and you will lose the game.The game has made defeating them hard but when you start defeating them you will have fun.

Different challenges

This game is not only about fights and all but you also have to go through challenges.They will give you daily challenges which you have to do and by doing them you will get rewards like coins and gems. You can save them and buy new items for yourself. You can also buy accessories for the animals and can upgrade their powers.The challenges will make your game moand interesting. Daily challenges are the main thing in any game.They will bring more fun in your game and people will get curious about the daily challenges.This is why they will play the game daily with full concentration.

Unlock different items

When you go in the shop to buy skins and other accessories then you will see that there are many items that are locked or expensive so you cannot buy them.To buy them you have to reach a high level and you have to collect more and more coins because you cannot get them without money. But the mod version of wildcraft will unlock all of your items like skins, furs, body and many other accessories.So now you can buy every single item in the shop.

Unlimited money

In the game Wildcraft there would be almost everything that you have to buy.You will also need to upgrade items but this will also take coins. Which is difficult to collect. In this game collecting coins is hard.You have to complete challenges and do fights for them. Then you will get some coins which are not enough for upgrading or buying items. You have to save coins by playing at least 4 to 5 times in a day. Then I will be able to buy things.But in the mod version you will get unlimited money which you can spend without any worries because they will not end.You will get them for a lifetime.

Wildcraft Mod Apk

Free to play

Features that the mod version is giving us are premium features that are available in the original version for money.Yes you have to purchase those features with real money. Without paying you cannot have access to those features.But the mod version offers us all the premium version for free. The mod version is free to download and also free to play.They will give you all the features that are available in the premium version. And they will also give you some more advantages like unlimited money and unlimited gems.

No ads

In the original version you will have to watch ads after every game or sometimes it will come between the game and because of this sometimes we lose the fights too. The mod version gives us a feature of no ads in which you cannot see any kind of disgusting ads. Now you can play your game without any disturbance.You can use this feature for free in the mod version but you have to pay for this if you are using this feature in the original version.

Wildcraft Mod Apk


If we compare both the original and the mod version then i will recommend you the mod version.Because the features you will get in the original version are not complete and if you use premium features you will have to pay for them.And you also have to collect money for buying the animals and their accessories. And the mod version provides you all these facilities and features for free. It will give you some extra features which will make your game easier.


Q. Is it safe to download a mod version of Wildcraft?

Yes this is a safe file.

Q. Can we download this Wildcraft mod apk on iOS?

No this file is only for android users.

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