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App Name WONDER ZOO Mod Apk
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Latest Version v4.0.7
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Update July 30, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Almost every person of every age spend majority of their time using mobile phones. Mobile games are one of the best way to spend your boring time. There are many adventurous and interesting games available online. In this article we will discuss a game full of captivating missions. That game is named Wonder Zoo : Animal rescue game.

This game has an open environment with a wide gameplay full of realistic graphics. There are so many items that you can explore while solving dozens of wonderful missions. You get to explore an animal world full of almost every specie including domestic and wild animals. Also you will enjoy taming different dinosaur species.

This is an excellent therefore more than 10 million people are playing it globally. It has an easy to understand UI with simple controls. There are a complete shop full of useful tools, that will light up your experience. Now rescuing all the animals and providing them the most comfortable shelter is your responsibility. This game will make you feel addicted and become a part of your daily life.



The Wonder Zoo APK is the real version of the game that you can download online or from Google Play Store. This full of wonders game is designed by famous gaming company Gameloft SE. It provides you different gameplays of different environmental conditions. You will play in different locations like deserts, mountains, jungles and many other.

It is free game and you can use majority options for free. You will get 7 maps each containing different category of species. You will encounter almost every animal from extinct to living and real to fictional. There are two modes in the first you need to build a top notch zoo. And in the second you need to rescue all the injured and kidnapped animals. Different animals live in different environments therefore you need to customize every cage accordingly.


There is also a modified version of the game called Wonder Zoo MOD APK available on the internet. It has all the features of the original apk game. With the mod apk game you get to play in all the maps without upgrading level. You will play in an interface that free from all uninvited ads. It has same UI as apk game.

You get unlimited amount of gold and food as they are the necessity in the game. Animals and workers all need food for survival. All the levels are unlocked in the hacked. Also you can use all the premium features without paying any premium fees. It is completely free and secured application. You can download it from our website for free.



The most important mode of the game demand you to rescue all the missing and in danger animals. There are many wonderful species of lions, tigers, elephants, bears, horses and other are missing. Their safety is your responsibility, rescue them and bring them back to zoo.


Like humans animals also have the right to live at a comfortable place full of necessary resources. You need to build a versatile zoo that has different locations for different nature of animals. Cold areas for polar bear, foxes, penguin and other. And hot region for desert animals like large lizards, snakes etc.


Food is the need of living being. You need to do different tasks like harvesting to collect food items. There will be all carnivores, omnivores and herbivores you need to feed them food according to their nature.


Gold are the currency of the game. You need to spend gold to buy different species and tools. You can earn it by completing different missions and performing daily quests. You can also purchase gold coins with real money by in-app purchasing. But the main source is from the visitors of zoo.



 One of the most exciting feature of the game is that along with all living wild and domestic animals there will be extinct animals also. There are different types of dinosaurs, water dragons, sky dragons, mammals and all other extinct species. They are living at different maps according to the environment.


To make it more fun there are different fictional animals that are characters of legendary stories. These include unicorns, griffin, phoenix and many other. You can also rescue them and provide them an open environment in your zoo.


There are 7 different maps available in the game. Only first level is unlocked initially and you need to solve a specific amount of levels to unlock other. Each map is of different environments like desert, mountains, jungle, savannah and polar etc.


To gain attention pf people and increase visitors you need to décor your zoo with hundreds of available customization options. There are different buildings like restaurants and shops , plants, fountains, swings, woodwork and magic wells etc.


 The Gold coins have very important use in the game. You will need them almost at every stage. In the real version you need a lot of time and efforts for collecting a good amount. But in the modified game you get an unlimited amount of gold that you can use for any reason you want.


There are many useful and beneficial items in the game. All are not unlocked at the start you either need to pay real money or achieve a higher level of game for unlocking. This will take a while but if you want every item unlocked at the start download mod apk game. The mod apk version offers you all the maps, animals, cages, plants, food items and other tools completely free.



There are different pro items that you need to purchase before using them. Another amazing feature of the hacked version is that it allows you costless approach to all these premium features. With it you can use every feature without restriction.


All boring advertisements that appear while playing this fascinating game can irked you badly. To provide you a perfect experience the modified game has an ads free gameplay. Now with this version you get to play without getting disturbed by ads.


 The Wonder Zoo is an animal rescue and zoo management game. You will get to know about different extinct and fictional animals that you didn’t know before. There are brilliant tools and options that won’t let you get bore

There are many adventurous places and missions that will maximize your excitement with excellent graphics. It is best game suitable for almost every age group. Download it and feel like an animal savior.


Q. How to unlock more animals and maps in the Wonder Zoo without paying any real money?

. If you want to unlock all the animals, maps or any other item for free you need to download the modified game instead of real game.

Q. . Can we play Wonder Zoo without any stable internet connection?

Yes, the Wonder Zoo can be played both online and offline. You can use all the features but need internet connection for connecting with any social platform.

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