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WorldBox MOD APK

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App Name WorldBox MOD APK
Size 54 MB
Latest Version v0.22.9
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Update August 07, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Worldbox is a game in which you can have your own world and you can modify it in various ways. You can create planets in this game and you can also create different civilizations. You can decide how much of the portion you want to convert into water and how much land you want to Spare for civilization. To make this game a little more exciting, you can add the natural disasters so that the people living in that area would strive to protect their land.

This game is based on clicks. You can click on a particular location and some different options will appear. You can choose whether you want to create a Civilization or you want to turn it into the ocean and you can also decide if you want that place to go against  the laws of nature.

WorldBox MOD APK

What is the WorldBox APK?

In the WorldBox game, you have the authority to create your own world. You can create different planets like earth and you can decide which kind of Civilization or species you want in it. In this game you have to click on different locations to add the different things. For example, if you want to add mountains to a particular region then you can click on it and some options will appear, you can select mountains from them and you can also set the rules in this world.

WorldBox MOD APK

Best Features of WorldBox MOD APK

Create Planets

In the WorldBox game, you can create planets and you can add different things in it. You can decide which kind of species or Civilization you want on your planet and you can also set the rules for it. You can even remove gravity from various places and add extra gravity in the other.

Click to make changes

To make changes to your world, you have to click on different places. By doing this, some options will appear and you can select any option from them. For example, if you want to create Ocean at a place then you can select the water symbol.

Create Civilizations

You can also create civilizations in your world. You can decide which kind of Civilization you want. Depending on it, you can create kingdoms, villages etc.

Set Rules

You are the creator of this world. That's why it depends upon you which kind of rules you want to set on it. You can change the gravity rules and all the rules of the atmosphere in this world.

Show your disappointment

If any of the species violates the rules then you can show your disappointment by sending natural disasters to these places. You can create volcanoes and can also create dust Storms and rainstorms to scare the people.

Create different Creatures

You can create different kinds of creatures. For example, you can create animals, humans, birds and you can even create Monsters like Dinosaurs and to show your disappointment, you can send these creatures to the Civilizations.

WorldBox MOD APK

What is the use of Mod of WorldBox APK?

The Mod version of the WorldBox app provides you with unlimited coins. You can use these coins to create Civilizations and create different species. You can also use these coins to send out natural disasters. This Mod version is also free from restrictions and you can create new Worlds with just one click.

New Features in WorldBox MOD APK

Play Offline

The mode version of the WorldBox game allows you to play this game without the internet connection . In this way, you can play this game anywhere and anytime.

Unlocked Worlds

There are no restrictions Over The Other Worlds in this game. Every new world is free from restrictions and you can start it without even completing the first one.

No ads

The WorldBox Mod APK does not contain any kind of advertisement.

Unlimited Coins

In the Mod version of this game, you are going to have unlimited coins. You can use these coins to create unlimited Civilizations and unlimited species.

Why is the WorldBox MOD APK so worth Downloading?

Worldbox Mod APK is a better version than its regular version because in this Mod, you are going to have unlimited coins which means you can create unlimited Civilizations. You are also going to have a game that is free from restrictions.

WorldBox MOD APK


Worldbox is a game that allows you to create your own Universe. You can create as many planets as you want. You can also save your own rules and can create various species in your world. If you want to create unlimited civilization, then you should download WorldBox MOD APK.


Q. How do you play the WorldBox game?

To play the WorldBox game, we have to click on different location and then select the option.

Q. Who is the developer of WorldBox?

Maxim Karpenko is the developer of WorldBox game.

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