X Home BAr Apk (MOD, For Android)

X Home BAr Apk

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App Name X Home BAr Apk
Size 2 MB
Latest Version v3.0.2
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
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Update July 28, 2021 (3 years ago)
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Do you missed a home button on new iPhone devices? And you want to have one on your own iPhone even if you want to upgrade it? Then look no further this application provides you with a very sleek and active and efficient home button that makes sure that the user can easily make use of their phone.
The application allows users to easily make use of the home button since the new iPhone devices do not have one. The application is offered by Sylvain lagache web developers. The application also provides users with the ability to easily make use of the services of this application without having any kind of disturbances. The salted by Jesus with a moral green space on their iPhone device and help them in making use of it easily.

It has very easy to use function and they are smooth to work with that and facing any kind of hurdles in between opening or launching the apps. Due to its regular updates the users have been loving the application services. The application however the man's different services and permissions that the user will have to enable after installing the application so that it could work to its fullest. The application has to have access to the phone settings so that it could read the phone status and its identity.

It also requires permission to have access to the photos on media files this will help the application in reading the contents of the USB storage and modifying a delete in the contents of the USB storage when needed. The application also demands access to the phone storage read the contents of the USB storage and modifying it later when needed. It also requires permission to have access to device ID and call information so that they could easily with the phone status.

Moreover, other settings include the permission to bind to an accessibility service, modifying the security system settings, access to controlling vibration, access to preventing device from sleeping, access to run a Startup and access to expand or collapse status bar.

X Home BAr Apk

X Home BAr apk features

The application provides users with amazing features that are listed below:

An iPhone home button:

the app to buy users with iPhone X look alike home button this helps the user in making use of their device even when their iPhone home button is not working.

X Home BAr Apk

Friendly user interface

The application has a very friendly user interface that helps a user any easy navigating through the application without facing any kind of difficulty. This makes the application very easy to use and function without facing any kind of difficulty.

Easy launch

the users’ office application can easy launch the selected action by either swiping up or swiping left or even swiping right as per the requirement.

X Home BAr Apk

Available actions in the application

the application has different available actions these include the ability to search through the homepage of their device as well as look at the recent applications, close the applications and even use the pull-down notification. Not only this but the user can also use the back press button, the quick settings button, can even take a screenshot and start the power menu.

Interruption free service

the application provides users with an interruption free service that they can make use of whenever they want. In this way the users will not face any kind of difficulty while making use of their own device.

X Home BAr Apk

Free of cost version

the application is a free of cost version that helps the user in in making use of its services without paying anything.

Premium version

this application has a premium version that the user can make use of by paying a small amount of money. This has many advanced features that are of benefit. It comes with no advertisements campaigns which makes it even more desirable.

X Home BAr Apk

Regular updates

the application also update itself on a regular basis which is it really beneficial as the user is able to get the latest features as soon as they come out.

Placement of the button

if the user has a navigation bar of the home or recent application on their screen then this application will place the button above other already present navigation bar.

X Home BAr Apk

One hand action

the application also allows users to make use of their phone by using the only one hand as it is easier to do this. It includes the use of pulling down notifications and using accessibility services easily.

Uses the accessibility services

the application makes use of the accessibility services these are the services that are used to start the actions such as full down notifications panel, multi-task, pull down quick settings or even to open the power menu etc.

X Home BAr Apk

Less space consumption

the application is a very lightweight application that does not make use of the user's device storage and can easily installed in any of the device with very little storage space available.

Premium features

the application also consists of a premium version that the user can buy by paying 1.99 dollars only. It has lots of different options such as a user can make use of the Google Assistant through this application and can also open the previous application that they have been using.

X Home BAr Apk

The application menu

the application provides users with a small menu that is divided into categories such as those that deals with only actions and those that deal with the appearance. The action categories include three different options which are swipe up action swipe left action and swipe right action whereas the appearance category includes button order button Shadow button with button height button margin and others. The Other actions also include those related to the power menu and the Quick setting and to lock the screen and taking a screenshot.


The application provides with a home button for their iPhone device which simulate the original home button and helps the user in performing the action. It provides its services free of cost.


X Home BAr Apk

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Q. Is it easy to use this app?

Yes, it is.

Q. Does it requires to download any additional app?

No, there’s no need to download any app for its operation.

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