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App Name YourHour Apk
Size 25 MB
Latest Version v2.1.7
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Price Free
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Update June 19, 2023 (1 year ago)
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YourHour Apk is an application that helps users in managing their time and in helping them to ward off their bad and harmful mobile addiction. It is developed by Mindefy Labs, a web developing company. YourHour Apk has many wonderful features that help users be mindful of the time they are spending on their phones.

It provides users with the ability to see their total screen time, as well as their total count of the times they unlocked their phones. It also provides them with statistics that tells them about their 7-day mobile activity. It also lets users know their severity of phone addiction by categorizing the YourHour Apk user in one of their 6 categories. These categories are vis-a-vis Addicted, Obsessed, Dependent, Habitual, Achiever and Champion.

The categorization is based on their weekly usage of phones. To make YourHour Apk even more professional which yields more realistic results, it has a floating timer available. This floating timer intimidates the YourHour Apk user by actually showing them their own time that they waste in viewing an app. It appears on all of the YourHour Apk user’s apps so that they can see for themselves the time slipping by. It has a time bomb effect.

One can drop or drag it wherever they like. One could even change its color in order to customize it. It supplies users with daily, weekly and monthly reports which can be converted into an excel sheet. The YourHour Apk premium version users can also export them in pdf format easily. The app YourHour Apk, supplies users with a widget that can be placed on the home screen and it displays the summary of their activity. In this way one can save their time by looking at the summary and not actually launching the app. The app requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, contact files, and device and app history as well as other settings.

YourHour Apk

Awakens the user’s Self Realization

YourHour Apk awakens the user's self-realization of spending a little too much time on their phone. YourHour Apk is able to fight this addiction.


YourHour Apk is trusted globally by over 2 million people from all around the globe for helping them get rid of their phone addiction.

Prevents Excessive Usage

YourHour Apk helps users in preventing the excessive usage of their phones that cause them various health issues.

24/7 Availability

YourHour Apk offers services 24/7 with great efficiency and good performance with guaranteed results.

YourHour Apk

Friendly User Interface

YourHour Apk has a very easy to use interface that helps its user to easily navigate from one category to another without any difficulty.

Personalized Recommendations

the app YourHour Apk helps users by giving them personalized recommendations depending on the problems they are facing to get off this addiction of theirs.


The Dashboard feature of YourHour Apk provides all essential information at one place for the user to check out. It helps the user to keep a track on the Usage Time as well as the Unlock Count. Viewing these both categories, one could get an overview of their phone usage.

Knowing Level of Addiction

YourHour Apk helps users in identifying their level of addiction. It does so by analyzing the data of the past 7 days. It then puts the user in any of the 6 categories available in YourHour Apk.


YourHour Apk the addiction level categories are vis-a-vis Addicted, Obsessed, Dependent, Habitual, Achiever and Champion.

Unlimited and Interruption Free Service

One can use YourHour Apk services unlimitedly without any interruption.

YourHour Apk

Less Space Consumption

This application YourHour Apk does not gather much storage capacity, so the users need not to worry about the storage of their devices.

Floating Timer

YourHour Apk provides users with a new and equally extraordinary feature of a floating timer. This floating timer appears on all the user’s apps. This helps them see for themselves the time they spent on each app. It makes them conscious of their app usage and has the same effect as that of the countdown timer. It can easily be dragged and then dropped anywhere on screen.


YourHour Apk also allows users to customize their floating timer by changing its color from Green to Amber to Red. It also allows them to highlight their preset limit when they reach it.

Makes users Self Reliant

YourHour Apk allows users to be self-aware of their own time. For this, YourHour Apk does not block any notifications or any calls when the limit is reached that the user has set for themselves.

YourHour Apk

Free of Cost

Downloading YourHour Apk does not require any charges for subscription or registration.

Safe and confidential

For YourHour apk security and privacy of its users personal information is of great importance. It keeps their private and personal information confidential at all costs.

Easy to function

The YourHour Apk is very easy to function and it does not require a step by step guide for its new users.

Multiple Languages

YourHour apk enables a person to change languages according to their preferences. It offers different languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French and many more. This makes it easy for anyone to use in their desired language irrespective of geographical or topographical boundaries.


The timeline tells the user of what the user has been doing on their phone the whole day.

Multiple Detailed Analytical Reports

the app YourHour Apk gives user an insight into their own habits by providing them with daily, weekly, monthly reports with proper analysis of their habits. It gives the user the notification whenever the report is ready to be viewed.

Premium Version

YourHour Apk has a premium version which one can buy by paying a small amount. This version has no advertisements thus offers quality time to its users. It also provides them with an option to export their monthly, weekly or daily analytical reports in pdf format.

Customer Service

YourHour Apk provides active customer service in case one has any query regarding it. It does so by providing the contact ability through their official website, email, and other social media pages.

Export data in XLSX format

since YourHour Apk does not store any kind of personal data, it allows users to export their entire data in an excel-sheet format right from the starting. This helps users to analyses the data and statistics easily.

Home screen Widget

YourHour Apk allows users to add a widget on to their home screen This helps them in viewing the summary of their day directly on the screen without actually launching the app.

YourHour Apk


YourHour Apk is a great application for those that want to fight their mobile addiction and be free from such burden. It is an efficient application that has many amazing features. It consists of many different languages thus anyone can use it easily. It provides users with complete analytical reports of their daily, weekly and monthly phone usage. The floating timer proves to be a great success as it intimidates the user in keeping their screen time close to minimum. The sequential diary in the form of a timeline is provided to the users. This helps them be mindful of their screen time.

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Q. Is the downloading of YourHour Apk files safe for the android system?

Yes! It is absolutely safe and virus free to download the online version of the APK file of YourHour Apk.

Q. Is it easy to operate a YourHour Apk application?

Yes! YourHour Apk is very easy to use. Anyone can use it without requiring a user guide.

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