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Zoom is a worldwide famous application for the meetings and discussion that took over the entire world after COVID-19 hit. Everything went online and people started working and studying from home. It was the time many people went into crisis as well as companies and businesses got affected badly. Due to social distancing people had to stay at home for whatever they do.


Zoom APK saved the world and proved to be the best meeting app of all times. The Zoom Mod APK is the world's most popular app that is used to conduct meetings of all sorts be it the one between a teacher and their students, boss and their employees, the online seminars, interviews and the most important meetings. Zoom has never that source which cannot be ignored at all now.

So why is Zoom Mod APK the new favorite of people other than Google Meet and Skype? It is because the features of Zoom are absolutely stunning. The features are great and the quality of the video and audio it offers is just unreplaceable. It will impress all of it's users by providing the solutions that usually an online meeting application couldn't provide.

Zoom APK

What is Zoom APK?

Zoom cloud meeting app is a famous conference app which is used to conduct only meetings for various purposes. It has so many valuable features like having free 40 mins meetings with approximately 100 people at a time, having an audio and video session, scheduling meetings in advance, and so much more.

There is a free and paid version for the zoom app which has different functions. In the free one you get to enjoy only 40 minutes of free meeting, but with the paid version you can have unlimited and free meetings by just paying a subscription cost. That's why the premium version is always highlighted and appreciated more by the companies and educational institutes.

What is Zoom Mod APK?

Zoom Mod APK on the other hand is the modified version of the simple Zoom app but it contains so many new and premium quality features. It won't be wrong to say that it is an all-rounder app which can easily beat the premium version of Zoom APK. After having this app nobody has to buy the subscriptions and spend their money.

It allows the hours of long meetings without any charges and in fact you can add more than 100 people at a time. It is best for the online webinars that need a number of people to be there at a time. Plus there is a boost in the performance of this application because of the modified version. You will get to enjoy the better and improved privacy with the help of this application.

Zoom APK

Multipurpose App

Zoom Cloud Meeting is definitely a multipurpose app which is used to conduct the conferences, meetings and webinars. Any person, organization or group of people who want to communicate with each other can definitely rely upon the Zoom app for having such meetings online.

No matter if you are a group of students who want to study, a teacher who wants to deliver lectures, a company to conduct a meeting with client, any public webinar or anything, Zoom Mod APK is there for you so you may connect with each other using the best features without delaying your tasks.

Free Online Meeting

Zoom offers you the opportunity to do as many free online meetings as you want. There are no restrictions on conducting meetings with the same account in 24 hours. You can use this app as many times you want because it is developed for this certain purpose. Anyone who wants to conduct or join unlimited and free meetings can do it freely with the help of Zoom APK.

Add Up to 100 People

You can have meetings online with 100 people at the same time. Suppose you are a class of 99 students and all of them have to be present, then you cannot find an option better than Zoom Mod APK. This app will accommodate such a large number of participants and help conduct a session successfully without worrying about anything. That's why zoom is the best online conference app of all time.

Audio and Video Meeting

You can have audio and video meetings both with your participants. If you are not comfortable having a video call them you can switch off your camera and use only audio features to communicate. You can connect your audio to the meeting by using the option given in the front.

If you are willing to have a video meeting then it is also possible if you have a camera in your device. It is best in case you are attending a meeting where everyone is required to be visible and communicate with each other.

Zoom APK

Schedule Meetings in Advance

If you are supposed to be the host of the meeting then you have to schedule meetings in advance. You will set meetings in advance and then you will be able to have a notification reminding you about the upcoming meetings. In this way you can schedule meetings in advance and not forget in the meantime.

Meeting Reminders

There are regular meeting reminders that are given to remind you of all the upcoming meetings so you don't miss them. Suppose you are busy somewhere and you do not remember when your meeting is. Zoom will give you a quick reminder so you may start your meeting right away without any issues.

Join with Phone/Tablet/Mac/PC

This is the biggest convenience that zoom offers to its users. You can have any of the devices such as a smartphone, a tablet, PC or Mac to connect and use the Zoom cloud app. You can definitely use this app from any device you have. There is nothing to worry about if you do not have a PC or tablet. If you just have a smartphone, then you are good to go and can still attend or host all the zoom meetings.

Perfect User Interface

The user interface of this app is so applaudable that you would have never expected. It is such an incredible app with an excellent user interface that makes the user experience very smooth. Everyone who uses Zoom would agree with these remarks and admit that there is no other online meeting app better than Zoom.

The features and interface offered by this app is legendary and hard to find in any other app that does not need a subscription only to open the app. That is why zoom ha svot so much popularity and is now the new favorite of the professionals all over the world.

Zoom APK

Mute Option

There is a brilliant mute option in this app that a participant can use to avoid any disturbance. For example if you think there is noise in your background and you do not want to disturb the users, then you can press the mute button and avoid any sort of inconvenience and disturbance.

If you are a host and want to mute a participant, then this hold is also given to you. Whenever you see a particular is un-mute and they should be muted, then press the given option and put them on the mute mode without informing them.

Online Emoji Reactions

Zoom app is as creative as other applications because it never wanted to be like the boring apps that are only used to conduct boring or professional meetings. People do use it with their friends and family members to communicate with each other.

There are so many emojis given in this app that you can use to give a particular reaction. These emojis are so many in numbers and the variety is so big. You can click on any of the emojis that you like or the ones which are relevant as per the reaction expected from you.

Chat Box

There is a chat box option as well that you can use to communicate with the host or other participants. You can also use this chat box in case you are unable to communicate with the audio. You can just write down your comments or messages in the chat box to let others know what you want to use.

This chat option is available for both private and public use. If you want to send a message privately to the host or a participant, then you can do it by selecting only their contact and sending them the message via the same chat box.

Become Host or Make anyone Host

You can become the host of the online meeting as a user, plus you can also make anyone the host midway of a meeting. If you have an emergency and want to leave immediately, then you can pass on the hold to someone else by making them the host for the rest of the meeting.

It is the best feature through which one does not stay bound and get to leave the meeting in case of any case. The host will be another person for the while and they will have the entire control of the meeting.

Waiting Room

There is a waiting room that is initiated in case you do not want to allow all the people at the same time in the meeting. For example if you are taking an oral quiz of participants one by one, then you can only just allow 1 or 2 people at a time with you while keeping the rest of the others in the waiting room.

You can cancel the meeting room any time when you want to and thus you can add all the people directly into the meeting. Therefore this waiting room is a good feature that you can use to keep a limited number of people in the meeting.

Remove Unwanted Participants

There is a thing that many people might prove to be a disturbance in the online meeting. Or there might be some participants who are not required anymore in the meeting. For this case you as a host van remove the unwanted participants to make more space for the new people.

There could be any reason for removing the users. While as a participant you can also cancel the meeting and leave it while others keep on attending it. It gives complete freedom to every user who wants to or doesn't want to attend a meeting.

Clear Sound and Picture Quality

The perfect and clear sound and picture quality makes zoom a superior quality app. You will see the best picture quality in this application and a clear voice of the participants. It is all because of the best performance and quality features of this app that provides users with the best user experience.

40 Minutes Free Sessions

If you are up for conducting a 40 mins session, then the good new is that it will be absolutely free. You do not have to pay or buy any subscriptions if you want to conduct sessions of only 40 minutes long. All the 40 minutes sessions are free no matter how many times you conduct them in a single day.

Share Screen

Now you can also share screens both as a host and participant. The purpose of sharing the screen could be so many such as showing the other participants the presentations, the online website or using Google in front of them. For such purposes you can share screens and show the other participants the demo. It is perfect for educational purposes where one has to explain something to the others.

Send Meeting Invitations

You can send the meeting invites to your contacts via the contact list, WhatsApp, email or even by copying the meeting link. You can open the contacts of the people separately and share the link with them. This is the easiest way to send meeting invites to the other users and ask them to join your meeting easily.

White Board Animation

A while board animation is also present in zoom that is used to draw something or explain anything to the users. If you are in a meeting and want to write something down in front of all the users and explain new things to them, use the white board animation feature to do this.

Share Media Attachments via Chat Box

Now you can also share the media files such as photos, documents, videos and audio files in the chat box of the zoom app. You can share this stuff privately or publicly with the other participants and the host. By doing so you will be able to send stuff to other people and share the files live with them.

Creative Virtual Backgrounds

It happens a number of times that you are sitting somewhere which is not a perfect space to appear in a video meeting. The background doesn't look fine and it looks quite odd to join a meeting like this. The online education and meeting system had quite annoyed the people so zoom was aware of this fact.

They introduced creative virtual backgrounds that solve your problem of having a poor quality background. These backgrounds are of so many types and you can select as per the type of meeting you are attending, and your own comfort zone of course. In this way you will be able to attend a video meeting without having a fear of being judged or ridiculed by the other participants.

Join Public or Private Channels

You can also join the private and public channels as per your choice. You can join them and attend meetings that suit your needs and interests.

Meeting Settings List

There is a huge meeting setting list that you can use both as a host and participant. These are the settings that you will need to fix as per your preferences before you join a meeting. The settings you will fix at that time will be applicable to all the future meetings you attend. Mind you that you will be able to change those settings whenever you want and change them into the new ones as per you like.

Zoom also allows its users to record the meetings for further use. If you want to save the meetings and watch them later, then this feature will work like magic for you. This option is mostly available for the hosts who want to record the meetings.

Record Meetings

If there is an online webinar that you couldn't join for some reasons, then the online recordings of the meeting will help you watch it. If a participant wants to watch the recording to make some notes, then this will also help them fulfill this purpose.

Zoom APK

Safe to Communicate on Driving Mode

If you are driving then this app is still suitable to be used. You just have to put the meeting on and drive peacefully because you do not need your phone to operate new options. You can just keep driving and attend the meeting without missing it.

Workable on 3G/4G Internet

An amazing thing about Zoom APK is that it is easily workable on 3G and 4G type internet connections. If you do not have a WiFi connection at the moment then it is easy to attend a meeting using the 3G and 4G type of data connection. There will be special inconveniences in this case and you can have a good quality meeting using this data connection.

Conduct Unlimited Free Meetings

You can conduct unlimited free meetings now with the Zoom Mod APK because you will not be having just a 40 minutes deadline of a free meeting. You can have hours long of meetings with Zoom Mod without paying any subscription charges.

Add More than 100 Participants

There is a new option of adding more than 100 people at a time in the meeting. If you have an earlier problem with adding less than 100 people, then you won't have to face this issue anymore because you can easily add hundreds of people in the same meeting.

No Subscription Required

There is no subscription required because this mod version of zoom cloud is free to use. Earlier you had to pay charges and buy a premium account to avail all the features, but now you don't need any special subscription because everything is available for free.

More Privacy

More and improved privacy is also ensured in this application. You will have a secured and safe experience using Zoom Mod APK because it is developed in such a certain way.

Better Performance

The performance of this application has improved a lot now as this app kept on becoming the top online conference app. People fall in love with this app because of its good performance and amazing functioning that fulfills all the purposes of conducting online conferences and meetings.

No Advertisements

You will never have to experience annoying ads on this application anymore now. The ads have been permanently banned on this app.

Zoom APK

Free to Download

Of course this app is 100% free to download without any cost. You can get it straight away from our website for free.

Anti-ban Feature

This app also has an anti-ban feature so you do not get banned using the premium features for free. You can keep enjoying all the premium features for free without worrying about getting banned.


Conduct free online meetings
Best quality communication service
Add more than 100 participants
Avail premium features
Emoji reactions
Free usage


Might contains bugs


Zoom Mod APK is indeed that one lifesaver app that has helped every business and school survive this tough time, otherwise because of social distancing everything would have stopped immediately. Things went on and thus major disturbance was saved on time with the help of Zoom cloud meeting app.

Do not forget to download this app and share your quality feedback in the comment section of this website. We would love to hear about your personal experience with the Zoom app and in what ways it has helped you save your time and gain new opportunities.


Q. Why has Zoom Mod APK become such a worldwide famous app?

The Zoom Mod APK became a worldwide famous app after the pandemic hit in 2019. Everything went online and thus the users have started using Zoom app for conducting online conferences and meetings of any kind be it interviews, business meetings, classroom studying sessions or whatever.

Q. What is the size of the Zoom Mod APK?

The storage size of the Zoom Mod APK is 102 MBs.

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