Angry Birds Classic Mod Apk (MOD, unlimited money)

Angry Birds Classic Mod Apk

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App Name Angry Birds Classic Mod Apk
Size 99 MB
Latest Version v8.0.3
MOD Info unlimited money
Price Free
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Update July 21, 2022 (1 year ago)
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Arcade games have always been people’s favorites. There are numerous arcade games which can be called as addictive, AS they keep everyone so engaged. One of such games is Angry Bird. Nowadays people of all generations are familiar with this game and are somehow obsessed. It has millions of downloads in all the countries in the world. It is a puzzle game and is one of the most loved games.

Children are more keen to play this game because of its Captivating graphics. The Angry bird series started as a casual puzzle game but it got so popular that’s why it has many level ups. Rovio Entertainment developed this masterpiece. The inspiration of this game was taken from the wingless birds.

The game involves shooting the mean pigs that have stolen the eggs of angry birds. The pigs are shot by using different weapons and buffs given to angry birds. The beautiful graphics of this game are very eye-catching and different levels of the game keep people engaged.

What is Angry Birds APK?

In this game the player has to retrieve the most loved eggs of the Angry Birds from the mean pigs as the eggs have been stolen. The survival of the angry birds is at risk There are different birds with features unique to one another. The player has to choose any bird of their choice and fight with the mean pigs to get the eggs back as the game proceeds, the pig shows up with Different defense mechanisms and the player has to identify the weak points of the pigs.

What is Angry Bird Mod APK?

In this version you can get numerous gems and coins for free which have to be purchased in the Classic APK version. Moreover, players can unleash all the distinctive features to hit the sturdy pigs without having to pay for it. In addition, all the buffs that can not be used for the second time can easily be attained in this version.

Angry Birds Classic Mod APK

Easy and Intuitional Control

In the beginning the player has two access to the easy and institutional controls By having these controls you can access the attack options, Focus at the pigs And choose your power meter and choose your power meter according to your instinct. The Player can make use of the effortless and pleasing touch to hit the pigs perfectly.

Exciting and Amusing Gameplay

As we can see Angry Birds is not a very simple game you will gradually become familiar with the gameplay that is being applied in Angry Birds. As the game proceeds it has many more to offer. It will take some time to become a pro in this game for hitting the pigs with perfect efficiency a player has to be a pro.

Different Birds With Distinctive Powers

The game offers different birds with distinctive powers so that the player can apply their strategies and worse perspectives at different levels a player can choose a bird according to the strategy before each match there are certain attacks that a player can use to explore the entire construction or are To reach the delicate points To bring down the defense of the pigs

Multiple levels

 Angry bird has multiple levels which can be termed as distinctive episodes that comes along with new adventures it has more than 650 levels moreover new levels are being added continuously.

Angry Birds Classic Mod APK

Amazing buffs to enhance your birds capability

During the game  the player gets Exciting and amazing powerups and buffs that he can use to enhance the explosive capability or penetrating powers of the birds. The player has to use these bulbs with extreme Intelligence as he will not get another chance to use them.

Fight sturdy pigs with extreme capabilities

As the game proceeded the pigs came up with extreme capabilities to cope with your attacks. Hence the player has to be Prepared to fight sturdy pigs with shields on.

Angry Birds Classic Mod APK

Competition with Online Players

You can enjoy this game offline as well as online. There is a mighty league which is being fought online. Here you can challenge the online gamers Belonging to different cities and even countries to play with you.

No requirement of Internet

This game can be enjoyed with or without the Internet. You can play it anywhere you go whether there is Internet or not.

Angry Birds Classic Mod APK

 Absolutely Free

This game is available on all Android phones. It can be downloaded from the Google Play services but the free version comes with ads which can bother the gamers.

Visual and sound quality

Because of simple graphics and beautiful arts, Angry birds are more popular with kids. moreover it can be easily  accessible to every other person.

Angry Birds Classic Mod APK


Angry bird is available with sweet chipping sounds and the music changes as you reach different stages. Moreover, the captivating themes are very much enjoyable.

No Ads

There would be no ads to disturb the player while having an intense game.

Angry Birds Classic Mod APK

No Money

The most indulging feature of this version is that you don’t have to pay for the buffs that are needed to kill boss level pigs.

Unlock Different levels

The exciting levels of the game would be easily accessible.

Angry Birds Classic Mod APK


It is an all fun game which keeps the player busy and keen to explore new levels, difficulties and buffs. People of all ages love to play this game and it is also an accessible game. However it is not as easy as other games but is Surely very enjoyable and captivating.


Q. Is angry bird classic mode apk safe to download?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to download. It has been checked with different malware systems to detect if there is any virus or in any way it can harm the mobile. It has passed all the tests.

Q. How to cheat on Angry Birds?

Different cheat codes can be used in this game that can help the player to unleash different level ups. The different cheat versions of the game are available on different websites.

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