Can Knockdown 3 Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Can Knockdown 3 Mod Apk

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Update April 25, 2023 (1 year ago)
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In our childhood, we all liked to play with cans. Even after being an adult our inner instincts of playing with cans emerges whenever we see cans near us. We used to arrange those cans in stacks and try to knock them down by throwing stones at them. In real life these cans are very easy to knock down. But here is a game that makes your childhood game more challenging.

This game is named Can Knockdown 3. It was published by Infinite Dreams. It is an arcade game based on the concept of can knockdown. This is a very simple game but it becomes more challenging as you progress. First, there is a stack of cans that you have to knock down by throwing tennis balls at them.

To complete a level you will have to knock all the cans down with only three tennis balls. As you proceed, the cans will become heavier and may be protected by some materials. This game has certain innovative features that makes you an addict of this game but it is not possible to describe all of them here. Hence only a few of them have been discussed in this article.

What is Can Knockdown 3 APK?

Can Knockdown 3 is an arcade game. Its gameplay is very simple and easy at the start but it gets exciting as you reach different levels. You have to knock down the cans with the help of tennis balls but you are provided with only 3 balls. You have to knock down all the cans with only 3 balls otherwise you'll lose the game. As you reach other levels, the cans will get heavier and will not be easy to get knocked down. Moreover, they may be protected by wood or other objects to make the level more difficult.

What is Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK?

This is the modified version of the Can Knockdown 3 game. In the regular version of Can Knockdown 3 you receive stars after completing each level. The number of these stars is required to unlock the next level. If you are unable to collect enough stars, you will not be promoted to the next level. This difficulty has been removed in Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK. There is no need to unlock the levels, all levels are already unlocked in Can MOD APK 3.

Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK

Challenging Levels

At the start of the game you will encounter very simple gameplay. The cans will easily fall down leading you to the next level. But after you reach upcoming levels, the cans become heavier and there are certain hurdles in your way to knock the cans down. You will have to aim perfectly in order to not waste your balls. The beautiful 3D background makes the game even more exciting.

Multiplayer Mode

You can take challenges and compete with your friends all over the world. This game allows you to enjoy and compare your abilities with your friends. The Multiplayer mode requires an internet connection to connect you with your friends in different areas of the world. You will get bonuses and rewards after winning a challenge from your friends.

Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK

3D Graphics

This game offers the best of the 3D graphics and mechanics that makes your experience more lit and entertaining. It offers such an impressive background that you would not want to take your eyes off the screen. The background changes with every level making you curious about the next level. The background also defines the difficulty of the level.


It is not wrong to say that this game is absolutely addictive and the people love to play such games. You can download this game and get addicted playing to it because it won't let you get bored.

Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK

Unlocked Levels

You need a certain number of stars to unlock the next level. Most of the players have to replay a level multiple times because they do not have enough stars to unlock the next level. The Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK has provided you with already unlocked levels. Which means you will not need to gain enough stars to unlock other levels.

Unlimited Balls

You are provided with a limited number of balls in each level. You have to knock all the cans down with only a limited number of balls. But as the difficulty level increases it becomes extremely difficult to knock down all the cans using these balls. Hence the Can Knockdown MOD APK came with the solution. In the Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK you are provided with an unlimited number of balls so that you can easily accomplish the challenges.

Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK

No Advertisements

The Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK will not disturb your gameplay with unwanted advertisements. This is an ads free version which will keep you amised 24//7 without showing the repeating ads that can annoy anyone.


Bring back your childhood fantasies with a new touch by downloading the Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK. Its 3D graphics and Captivating background makes your gameplay more interesting and amazing. This game has about 30 million plus downloads in the entire world with hundreds and thousands of positive reviews from the players. Download this game now from our website and unlock all your desires of playing your favourite game with some innovation. If you have any queries, feel free to ask them in the comments section below

Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK


Q. How to unlock all the levels in Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK?

You will need to have the required number of stars to unlock a particular level. But if you want an easy solution then download the Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK from our website and enjoy all the levels unlocked.

Q. Why do we need permission to install Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK?

The MOD apps need access to your system. Once you download them, you will be notified with all the permissions required to install Can Knockdown 3 MOD APK in your mobile.

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