City Theft Simulator Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

City Theft Simulator Mod Apk

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App Name City Theft Simulator Mod Apk
Size 103.8 MB
Latest Version v2.0.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update July 31, 2023 (11 months ago)
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The open world role playing game always attracts a big community of The Gamers towards it. There are very great open world role playing games available to play but most of them are available only on the PC, laptops and consoles. There is not much that kind of games available to play on the mobile for The Gamers well that is very disappointing for them.

But today I am going to tell you about one of the best role playing games which is called City theft simulator. Now in this game you are playing the role of a thief. You have to steal different things in the game. This game is an open world game and you can explore the whole city as well.

If you have played the most famous game known as GTA Vice City in your childhood then you have found out the gameplay of this game is similar to it which makes it better to play on the smartphone.

City Theft Simulator Mod Apk

Download City theft simulator APK

It is an open world RPG game in which you have to play the role of a thief. You have to steal different things and there is a large range of weapons available in the game from which you can select the best weapon for you. You also have to beware that the police will start chasing you if you have stolen something. Your character is going to be the master in stealing cars and bikes in the game. You can drive different vehicles in this game very easily and you can work with the games to do big robberies.

The graphics of the game is also very realistic with a great sound quality and it provides simple touch controls that are easily Controllable by anyone.

Download City theft simulator mod APK

This version is a cracked version of the game. This version provides you with the ultimate experience of this game on your mobile phone. In the simple version you have to complete different missions and tasks so that you can earn money in the game. That is not going to be the case in the crack version because in this version you have unlimited money available to use in the game so that you can buy all the weapons, outfits and items that you need.

Ads are also available in this game which makes it a bad experience for most of the people. Ads are one of the most useless things in this game but they are not going to be available in the crack version of this game.

City Theft Simulator Mod Apk


Steal anything

In this game you are a Thief and you can steal anything you want in the game like different cars and vehicles available on the road.

Become the biggest thief

Your task is going to become the biggest Thief in the town. You have to steal many things and you have to work with the different gangs to accomplish it.

Master of cars and bikes

Your character in this game is Master of cars and bikes and he can steal any cars and bikes very easily.

Great visual effects

The visual effects of this game are going to be so great and they are also very realistic. The visual effects will definitely boost up your gameplay experience.

User friendly controls

The controls of the game are very simple and user friendly and you can easily understand these controls.

Explore the whole city

You can also explore the whole city in this game and you can find out the different locations which are very much attractive and beautiful.

Unlimited money

This cracked version of the game provides you an unlimited amount of money to use.

Ads blocked

In the simple version there are many ads available that keep popping up on your mobile screen to affect your User experience. In this crack version we have made it sure that there are no ads available in this game.

City Theft Simulator Mod Apk


It is one of the best open-world RPG games available to play on Android and IOS devices. It is also a free game so you easily download it on your smartphone. You can steal different things in this game like cars and bikes and many more things like money. There are different missions and tasks that you have to complete and by completing them you can get more money in the game. Your goal in this game is to become the biggest thief of your city.


Q. Can we steal cars in the City theft simulator game?

Your character in the City theft security game is going to be a master in stealing different cars.

Q. How is the graphics of the City theft simulator game?

The City theft simulator provides you with very realistic graphics just like you expect from an RPG game.

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