Construction Simulator 2014 Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Construction Simulator 2014 Mod Apk

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App Name Construction Simulator 2014 Mod Apk
Size 561.7 MB
Latest Version v1.14
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update June 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Games related to cars and different vehicles constitute a great part among Google play store games. These games are mostly car racing games. There are also such games which involve other vehicles like trucks, trolleys, baldozers, and many others. But the variety of car or vehicle games not only involves car racing. Now there are many games which consist of heavy machinery and vehicles for construction purposes. You use these machines or vehicles to construct buildings or to do some important chores. Among such games, Construction Simulator APK is one of the common and best construction games.

In this game, you work as an architect. You make different buildings, industries and factories with the help of heavy machinery and equipment. There is a good variety of heavy vehicles in this game. You run these vehicles or machines to do construction of a town or city. If you are a lover of heavy machines, vehicles and equipment then this game is surely for you. This is a paid game now on Google play store. But some of its versions, including mod versions too, are available to download in your Android and thus enjoy the fun of constructing different buildings in a city.

Construction Simulator 2014 Mod APK

What is the Construction Simulator APK?

Construction Simulator APK is a contraction game in which you construct different buildings, houses and industries to achieve your goals. There are many types of machinery in this game. There are almost 14 different types of such heavy and constructive machinery that you can use. These vehicles can be used to construct the buildings effectively. You can also change the parts and colors of your vehicles in this game. You work as an architect in this game and show your skills. Thus it also makes you a creative person. You construct according to your taste and skills. Thus , to have a good construction game for your Android, you can download Construction Simulator APK. This game is paid on Google play store. But you can download some of its APK versions or mod versions for free.

What is Construction Simulator Mod APK?

The mod version of construction Simulator APK provides you unlimited and unlocked machines, vehicles and equipment. There are many vehicles. They are of different types. You can unlock all of them with this mod version. You get unlimited features in this version. Moreover, you can unlock a few features by completing missions and levels. There are more than 300 missions which you complete to get many things. There are fourteen different types of machinery. All of them are unlocked in this version. There are also no ads in this version. Thus, enjoy an unlimited and unlocked version totally free of cost.

Construction Simulator 2014 Mod APK

Great Time Killer Application

Construction Simulator is a great game to kill your free time. In this game, you work as an architect and engineer to build and decide on different buildings in a city. You construct different houses, buildings, factories and many other things by loading and landing the concrete materials. You have heavy machinery of different types which can help you. Thus it provides a great concept and thus a better option to kill your free time.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics are absolutely amazing. It is a beautiful city. There are long roads on which different cars are also present. There are already present buildings too but you have to construct more. The vehicles and machines are colorful and interesting. There are different trolleys, baldozers, pickups, and many more. The sounds of moving vehicles, landing, loading etc gives it a perfect look and fun.

Great Skills

This game involves working as an engineer. You make buildings and decide them out. Thus it also polishes the skills and you become a little creative too. Enjoy this game by playing and having fun, and also learn something.

Many Variety of Machinery

There are at least 14 different kinds of vehicles or machines that are available in this game. They are of different kinds. Some of them are used to load and unload materials. Others are used to picking heavy things. Thus every machine is designed to do a specific task.

Construction Simulator 2014 Mod APK

Missions and Levels

There are missions and Levels in this game. After the completion of every level, you unlock new features and vehicles. You can use them in your next levels.


You also collect money in this game to get different features and required things for your buildings construction. The more money you spend on your city projects, the more money you get in return. This also completes many missions and levels to get new features.

Unlimited Money

In this version, you have unlimited money. Money is the main thing that you need while constructing different buildings and industrial projects. Thus you can use this money to get many features.

Unlocked Machinery

In this game , you have all the 14 machineries unlocked. You can use any of them without completing the missions first and get them. You can have them from the first day and from the first level.

Construction Simulator 2014 Mod APK

Ads Free Version

There are no ads in this game version. You can construct and focus on your main project. There is no disturbance of ads.


There is no ban in this version. You can enjoy the modded version with unlimited money and unlocked vehicles without being banned in this construction Simulator APK game. Enjoy the ultimate fun with no worries.

Construction Simulator 2014 Mod APK


To enjoy a perfect experience of constructing and building different projects in your city, construction Simulator APK is the best construction game that you can download from Google for free APK version or mod version. This is a great time killing game yet creative and skills based. Download its mod version to have all features unlocked and enjoy this game now.


Q. Is Construction Simulator APK easy to play?

Yes , this game is easy to play. It has easy controls. There are two buttons on the right side for moving the vehicle forward and backward. There is also a button on the left side to move different parts of the vehicle for construction purposes.

Q. Can we get unlimited money in the Construction Simulator Mod APK version?

Yes, you get a lot of money in this version which you can spend on your projects through which you get more.

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