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There are many offline mobile games available on the internet. One of which is Incredible Jack, which has an amazing theme, characters and levels. This game is very addictive. You will be satisfied with its gameplay as it has magical graphics. It is worth playing the game.

It offers many wonderful features and options. You will play as a character called Jack. His only mission in this game is to defeat his enemies. So he can rescue his family and the stolen treasures from them. The journey is very adventurous and thrilling. There are many levels of this game.

Incredible Jack is developed in a manner that people of every age including kids, teenagers and adults can enjoy playing it. It is the best time killer for all. You can play it easily as it has a very simple user interface and the controls of the game are very easy to understand and use. It has millions of players all around the world.



The original version of the game called Incredible Jack apk is available on the internet and play store. You can easily download it for free and enjoy playing it. The main character Jack needs to cross different magical worlds to reach his abducted family. It has different fantastic levels divided in 7 different worlds. All these 7 worlds have 7 different bosses with incredible powers and many minion creatures.

You will fight, run and jump as Jack to cross the levels and defeat your enemies. In the first world you need to cross treetops. The second has scary spiders and their webs. The third has sand filled tombs of the dead. The fourth contains icy caves and deadly ice monsters. The fifth is the underwater world while the sixth is ruled by a fatal witch. The seventh and the most deadly is the underworld ruled by the Demon King. After going through all these worlds Jack will unite with his family.


The Incredible Jack mod apk is the modified version available on the internet. It offers all the features of the standard version. You can download it from our website without paying any amount. There are different options available in the mod apk version that are not available in the original game. Like it has unlocked premium tools, unlimited coins, magnets, unlocked levels and ads free interface.

All these features make it a better choice for playing. Other than that all the basic themes, actions, storyline, graphics and attack are the same. The user interface and game controls  are just like the original version. There is no lagging issue in the mod apk game.


Golden Treasure

There is a route created by the dazzling golden coins by the kids of Jack. This is the treasure collected by the hard work of Jack and was getting stolen by the demon’s minions. Jack collects his worthy treasure and also finds his family location with it.

Exciting Levels

 This game play has different exciting levels that cover the route of Jack’s journey. All these levels contain the coins dropped by Jack’s family. These levels have different creatures that stop Jack from going onward. Jack needs to kill these creatures and collect coins to reach his family. There are 43 levels of the game.


Mighty Bosses

 Incredible Jack has 7 big bosses that rule the world. The most powerful among them is the underworld boss The Demon King. He abducted Jack’s family by his minions. In the very last level Jack encounters him and needs to defeat him. All the other bosses follow his order.


 There are different tools that will help you to increase the power of Jack. These tools can help him to fight against demons and also to score more by getting more coins. These power up tools are coin magnet, 2x coins, life buoy, acceleration and armor etc.


7 Magical Worlds

 There are 7 magical worlds available in this game. Every world is ruled by different bosses. The first world contains 7 levels and all the others have 6 levels each. You need to clear the first level before entering the second level. Every world has different powers according to their bosses.

Premium Tools

 As the original version is a freemium app therefore it contains in-app purchasing for all the premium features. Like piles of coins, barrels of coins, chest of coins, bags of coins and many other tools. These can range from PRs. 120 to PRs. 3100.


Adventurous Theme

The theme of the game is the actual base of it. The family of Jack is kidnapped by the Demon King and he needs to find his family and take revenge from the abductors. His journey is very long. He needs to cross 7 worlds and defeat their kings to rescue his family.


 The points of the game decide how well you played in every game. You get these points by attacking your rivals and causing damage to their territory. You can jump on the creatures to kill them before they attack you and get your lifeline.

Unique Graphics

 The graphics of the game are wonderful. You will feel like you are in an animated magical movie. As there are 7 different worlds each having different living styles therefore every world has different types of graphics. Like one has lava pits while the other has icy caves.


Accessible Premium Features

The best option provided by the modified version is that it provides all the premium features free to access with charging any money. You can enjoy every tool of the game without any restriction or limitation. Therefore people prefer it over the apk version.


Unlimited Resources

There are different resources available in the games like power up tools, coins etc. But in the apk version you either need to pay money or do a lot of struggle to achieve them. Therefore in the mod apk version you are given all these resources in unlimited amounts like unlimited coins, magnet, power ups etc.

Ads Free Interface

Uninvited pop-up ads are the biggest problem for players. These ads disturb the user and their fun. Because of that players always try to find a way to fix these ads problems. For this issue the Incredible Jack mod apk provides an ads free environment by default. So you can download it and enjoy the clear interface.


Incredible Jack is a wonderful console game that provides you amazing features and adventurous levels. You will surely enjoy playing this fascinating game. There are different and powerful tools also available that will upgrade your hero, resulting in making your experience more exciting.

Incredible Jack is a must try game that will never let you get bored with its amazing storyline and cool graphics. Download this incredible game and explore the world of magical, strong yet funny creatures.


Q. How to disable the popup ads of the game?

For this purpose you can download the modified version of the game. As it provides you an ads free environment.

Q. Does the hacked version provide all the premium features free to access?

Yes, all the premium features are free to access in the mod apk version.

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