Life After Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Life After Mod Apk

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App Name Life After Mod Apk
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Latest Version v1.0.274
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update July 20, 2023 (11 months ago)
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There are so many games on google play store which you can play in your leisure time. But this is a game you will not only play in your leisure time but also in other times because the storyline and features of this game made their players addicted to it.


In this game you have to fight for the sake of your survival and this will bring so many difficulties in your game. You can also team up with other survivors which can help you in difficult situations and a team is always better than being alone.

Life After Mod Apk

What is Lifeafter Apk?

This is a game of death and survival. You have to make yourself survive in the game, the world of the game is ruined by the zombies and all.

But this game has a special rule which is that you have to collect things from different places and make yourself survive with them.

What is Lifeafter Mod Apk?

The Mod version always makes people happy because of its features this time they also have features for you like unlimited Lives and money which will make you happy.

Life After Mod Apk

Make New Friends

The game is so difficult and you have to survive in a very difficult situation, so you will find so many other people who will also try to survive.

You have to team up with those who survive so that you both can save each other from difficult situations and dying. And through this teamup you can find so many people from which you can make friendships.

Create your own character

Every game has characters for playing the game and the characters always makes our interest in the game more than the storyline of the game.

And just like characters, the creation of characters is also a great thing which makes people interested in the game, players can test their creativity through the creation of characters.

The game also has the option of characters like other games and you can also customize your character with your mind and creativity. This feature is the most common feature of every game but the games always find a way to make this feature unique.

Life After Mod Apk

Complete Missions

Games without missions will become so simple that at a specific point you will get bored by playing that much simple game, nowadays even kids also get bored by playing simple games.

So a good game should have missions and quests in their game because people enjoy that twist and difficulty thing. This game also gives you so many missions which you have to complete and also you have to complete daily quests from which you can earn rewards.

Live on Available Items

This game is different from others because you have to make yourself alive on the things you have available.

And for this you have to explore each and every part of the game world and you have to collect things from exploring the world.

 Once you have entered in the game you cannot buy anything and you have to make yourself alive from the only things you have no matter what they are.


Life After Mod Apk

Unlimited Gold

Some games have the currency of gems where you can buy the most expensive items from gems. But the gold which means that coins are more important because we can buy literally everything from them in the game.

So this is the most important thing that a player needs but you have to earn them with your own self.

Only in the original version because the Mod version has the feature of unlimited money which means that when you download this version you will get lots of money which is never going to end.

Unlimited Lives

The game also has the system of lives which means that if you get constantly attacked or injured by other people then your health will come to an end. And this will make you lose the game but fortunately we have a Mod version.

And this version gives you unlimited life which means that no matter how many injuries you get you will never lose your health and if you lose then the health bar will be filled automatically.

No Ads

The ads always disturb everyone by coming in between the game. And you can not even skip them this is why Mod versions haven't any ads in the application.


This is a difficult game with a unique storyline and people always love this combination of difficult and unique storyline, you can also make new friends from this game. And get unlimited money from the Mod version.

Life After Mod Apk


Q. Can we update Lifeafter Mod version from playstore?

Yes you can.

Q. Is the Lifeafter Mod version safe?


4.75 / 5 ( 60 votes )

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