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MX Player Apk

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App Name MX Player Apk
Size 28 MB
Latest Version v1.71.6
MOD Info For Android
Price Free
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Update October 16, 2023 (9 months ago)
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With an increase in the entertainment-based content in this age, more and more apps are being introduced every day that are relevant. You must have a video player in your own smartphone that works well. But there are so many video players that have extra features which are highly commendable. One of those video players is MX Player APK which has the best features so far.

MX Player APK is a famous video player app used to play videos of all sorts of formats. This is the special thing about this app that people like so they prefer it over all the other video playing apps and download it. It provides you with the convenience of subtitles that are available in a number of languages so you may choose as per your regional or most preferred spoken language.

There are many minor and major features of this app that users like a lot and thus they think this app is a better video player app than all the apps offering the same function. It is a lightweight and quite simple video player app that you should know about. Let's learn everything about it and see how effective it could be if you choose to watch an entire movie on this app.

MX Player Mod Apk

What is MX Player APK?

MX Player APK is a video player app that can run videos of all formats. No matter what format your video has it will always be able to play it without having any need to convert it. It contains subtitles in many languages, a kid's lock so that you never accidentally turn off the app by touching it. It also has smart gesture features like zoom in and zoom out, adjusting brightness and volume, and adjusting the screen size.

What is MX Player Mod APK?

The MX Player Mod APK is a cheat version of the original one and it contains a few more features that are not available in the regular player. It blocks the ads and contains an anti-ban feature so you do not get banned while using this version. Overall, it provides some extra features to enhance your user experience for free.


MX Player Mod Apk

Play Videos for Free

Let's discuss the most amazing thing about this app that people love a lot. They love to play the videos for free too in unlimited numbers. It is a great thing for the users that they are able to play unlimited videos for free without having to pay money to the developers of this application.

Users want to watch movies, videos, TV shows and a number of other kinds of video content that people usually watch on their smartphones. There is no credit required to watch these videos for free no matter how many hours straight you want to use this video player application.

Supports all Video Formats

This application supports all types of video formats that exist. In short there is no need to convert your videos into a certain format that could be playable on this application. It provides a great sense of relief to the users who have bulk of videos in various formats and they feel lazy at converting all of those videos.


MX Player Mod Apk


The facility of subtitles is also provided to the users who like to watch videos in different languages and want the subtitles in front of them. It is favorable for the users who cannot understand the spoken English Language which is why they need written captions on the screen to read and understand the dialogues properly.

Subtitle Fonts

There are several subtitle fonts in this application that you can use for your ease. We understand that all the fonts are not suitable for every person, they have different eyesight, different experiences on the basis of which they like one particular font to view the captions. Therefore there are so many fonts that you can set before you start watching your favorite movie.


MX Player Mod Apk

Multiple Languages

There are so many languages that you can set in this video player application. No matter if it is set for the subtitles, or for the overall application. Every single thing will be available in several languages that you can view easily and set as per the language you speak regularly.

Kid's Lock

A kid's lock feature is available in this application for the time when you are busy watching the videos and your hand might touch the screen, causing the video to be turned off. If you turn on the kid's lock, then your screen will be locked and no options can be used to change the current setting. It is perfect for the time you don't want to get disturbed while watching videos, or you don't want any kid to disturb your experience.

Zoom In & Zoom Out

A built-in, smart gesture zoom in and zoom out feature is also included in this app that has some good significance. You can zoom in and zoom out by just sliding two fingers on the screen and voila! Your video will be zoomed in or out accordingly.

Set Screen Size

You can also set a screen size as per your preferences. If you are watching your favorite show or movie you can set the size in the given settings. It will enhance your streaming experience to so much extent.


MX Player Apk

Smart Gestures

There are many smart gestures in this app that you can use to do the instant actions. You won't have to wait for anything but you can instantly decrease or increase the screen size, zoom in and zoom out, adjust volume and brightness easily.

Simple User Interface

The user interface of this app is quite simple and easy to use. It is so clear and straightforward that everyone can use it without any issues. Even a child can use this application correctly and make use of its features without having any problems.

Free to Download

This application is also free to download. You can get this app without having to charge any money. You just need to go to the official website, or Google play store afterwards which you can click on the download button. In this way you will be able to get this application on a zero cost without any issues.

Excellent Graphics

The graphics in this app look 100% excellent. You must give it a try and see how good the graphics look on it. The videos played in this app will look amazing and so really that everything will seem original. The users will definitely enjoy watching video content on this app.


MX Player Apk


  • Able to run all formats of videos
  • Kid's lock
  • Smart gestures
  • Adjust screen size


  • Doesn't work properly on older Android devices


MX Player APK is actually the best video player app because it's features make it that perfect.  The interesting thing is that you can play any kind of video in this app without converting them. Otherwise it is impossible for a single video player app to play all the videos of various formats and the users have to convert it anyway.

We recommend downloading this app now, it is easily available on our website and on Google Play Store for free. Do download it, use it for a while and come back later to us for leaving your quality feedback. We would love to hear from you what you think about this application. 


MX Player Apk


Q. What is the size of the MX Player APK?

The storage size of the MX Player APK is only 36 MBs.

Q. How to adjust the screen size in MX Player APK?

To adjust the screen size in MX Player APK you just need to select the option of screen size given on the side and adjust it as per your preferences.

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