Pink YouTube Apk (MOD, for Android)

Pink YouTube Apk

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App Name Pink YouTube Apk
Size 50 MB
Latest Version v18.44.40
MOD Info for Android
Price Free
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Update November 13, 2023 (8 months ago)
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YouTube is a worldwide famous video streaming app that is known by the users for watching videos of all kinds. There are entertainment, educational, advertisement, music and movie related videos that you can watch. This is such a good platform that there is a large collection of the cartoons for the kids to watch. 

Pink YouTube APK is a good platform that contains more features as compared to YouTube. Some features which are only used upon the subscription are provided in this app without any troubles. That's why the Pink YouTube APK is getting more users than the original app.

Pink YouTube Apk

There is a long list of the details and features that are a part of this app. You must have a look at them and see what this app has got and how brilliant it is for the users.

Pink YouTube Apk

What is Pink YouTube APK?

The Pink YouTube APK is a particular application for the video streaming app that contains more features like playing the videos in the background, having attractive colors like pink along with a dark mode, and so many other features. You can access the content that is only available in a few regions of the world.

Pink YouTube provides you a convenience to use all of these features for free and watch any type of content you like. Therefore if you want to try something new and are so done with using YouTube, then Pink YouTube is just for you to double up your entertainment.

What is Pink YouTube Mod APK?

Pink YouTube Mod APK is a perfect app for you which is a modified version of Pink YouTube. Although you are able to use a number of features in the regular version, the mod version of Pink YouTube will offer you something more out of YouTube.

You can enjoy limitless online streaming of the videos without watching any annoying ads. There are no subscriptions required at all to open and use this app. For the fans of YouTube, this app is designed specifically for them to avail more interesting features.


Pink YouTube Apk

Pink Colored Theme

As recognized from the name, the Pink YouTube has a pink colored theme overall. This color is so unexpected yet very exciting for the users. They are enjoying this color as well as the YouTube videos because this change of theme has made things quite interesting for you. With this color of theme, you will get to experience an entirely new and improved version of YouTube.

Play Videos in Background

You can also play videos in the background now, all thanks to Pink YouTube. You can enjoy the YouTube videos now without keeping the app open. You won't have to keep the app opened any longer because this app can still play the videos without keeping the YouTube app opened.

This app is perfect in case you are fond of listening to music or commentaries while playing any game on your phone or using any other app. It's A good option for this purpose because you will never have to keep your app open just to play the videos. The selected videos will keep on running even if you open another app and start using it.

Dark Mode

There is a dark mode on this application which is very important if you have a weak eye sight or your eyes hurt easily. You can turn on this mode and then you can use your app without hurting your eyes. If you are used to using your mobile phone and watching videos at night in the dark, then this mode will help you in creating a balance between the screen and your eyes. You will never have to watch the white screen with too much brightness that affects your eyesight.

Play Videos on Loop

The videos can be easily played in the loop with the help of Pink YouTube APK. The videos you will watch would be easily playable in the form of the loops. The same video will keep playing again and again repeatedly when you keep them on loop mode. You can select any video and it will be played in the loop repeatedly until you stop it.


Pink YouTube Apk

Double Taps

There is a double taps feature in this app through which you can close the Pink YouTube APK app or video by just tapping on your screen twice. It's a new type of feature that people haven't heard about before which is why they get amazed after hearing about it.

Connect with TV

You can also connect your Pink YouTube with your LED Smart TV. If you want to watch your favorite content on the big screen then this is your chance to do it. You can connect this app using the cast feature and run the videos on the big screen of TV. It will help you enjoy and get most of it easily.

No Country Restriction in Content

There is no restriction of the content as per the regions. It happens a lot that the users aren't able to watch a certain video because it has been restricted in that particular city or country. This is what people wanted to avoid and Pink YouTube has made it easier for the users. They can now watch all kinds of videos and channels without having to face the region restriction on YouTube.

No Advertisements

There are no annoying ads like video and pop-up ads. You do not have to encounter any such ads that ruin your video streaming experience. Therefore there are no ads in this regard that you could ever see or get disturbed because of. You will get to enjoy the best streaming experience for free without any annoying ads.


Pink YouTube Apk

Adjust Screen Brightness

If you are so concerned about your eyesight and do not want to watch videos in full brightness, then adjusting the screen brightness is very easy. You will just have to slide your one finger up or down on the video screen to increase or lower the brightness. It is the perfect method to keep your eyes safe and watch YouTube videos without any break.


Pink YouTube APK is an app that you should try at least once because its features are really brilliant. As compared to YouTube, people are really getting used to Pink YouTube APK and they can't stop using it. We highly recommend you download this app because of its extraordinary features. Download this app now from our website and give it a try. Also write down in the comment section given below for us to read and analyze your review about this app.

Pink YouTube Apk


Q. What is the storage size of Pink YouTube APK?

The storage size of Pink YouTube APK is quite normal which is only 65 MBs and it is not heavy at all for such a great application.

Q. Can I use other applications while playing videos on Pink YouTube APK?

Yes, you can definitely use other applications while using the Pink YouTube APK because the following app is built for this purpose. You can play the videos via Pink YouTube APK and switch to another app to use it.

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