Raft Survival Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Raft Survival Mod Apk

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App Name Raft Survival Mod Apk
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Latest Version v1.214.4
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Update July 15, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Can you manage to take care of your life in any circumstances? Let’s show you your survival skills by playing raft survival. Raft survival is an adventure game in which you will manage to live on a raft. You will upgrade your raft to make it stronger. It is not easy to live your life in a place where there is danger everywhere.

Raft survival is an awesome simulator game in which you have to put all your efforts to protect yourself. In a vast ocean there are many unseen creatures. Some creatures will be the source of food for you while some are extremely dangerous and you have to kill those. There are no ready-made weapons in raft survival.

You will craft the weapons which you can use to kill deadly creatures of the ocean. With the help of these crafted weapons you can protect your craft before your enemies. This game is full of adventures. Raft survival is free to download so if you guys want to experience the best survival game then you can download this game on your mobile for free.

Raft Survival Mod APK

What is Raft Survival APK?

Raft survival apk is the standard version of this game. This is an action-survival game in which you will make different strategies to survive in the ocean. To live in the middle of the ocean is not an easy task to perform so be prepared for the exciting adventures. You can also purchase premium items of raft survival with real money. In raft survival, you will enhance your surviving skills and also with your creativity it will be easy for you to craft dangerous weapons.

What is Raft Survival Mod APK?

If you want to know about the benefits of mod versions then this article will help you a lot. Raft survival is also available in its cracked version on the internet. Raft survival mod apk is more beneficial as compared to its real version because this version offers extra features for free. If you don’t want to buy in-game premium items then you can still be able to use pro features for free in its mod version.

Raft Survival Mod APK

Open-world game

Raft survival is an open-world 3D game. If you want to end this game then you have to survive in different circumstances. It's a great game to play as there are a lot of features here to make this game more interesting for you. You will face many problems in the ocean but if you play this game wisely, you can save the life of your character.

Complete challenges

In raft survival, you have to complete lots of missions and when you win the challenge you will earn money. You can buy different things that will be helpful for you to build bases. Only support you will have is your self-support so be brave and complete the given task to earn amazing rewards.

Explore islands

During your adventure in raft survival, you will explore the different islands. Since you are stuck in the middle of the ocean you will search for the suitable place for your stay. Explore inhabited islands and search different resources which you can use in your survival.

Fight with sea creatures

Ocean has many hidden creatures that can harm you anytime. Prepare yourself for upcoming adventures. Unseen and dangerous sea creatures will attack on your raft and will harm you and destroy your raft so before they do anything just kill them. Fight with your enemies and protect yourself and your raft from these uninvited dangers.

Craft weapons

You will experience every step of this game. In raft survival, there are no guns and grenades for your protection and you have to craft weapons. This is not a simple task to craft weapons but no adventure is easy anyways. You will collect the resources from different islands and forests. With the help of these resources you will create powerful weapons.

Upgrade raft

Your only asset in raft survival is your raft. Raft is the only thing who will help you to survive in this dangerous ocean. If you want to stay alive then you will build the raft. You will create multiple bases for your protection. Buy items from in-game coins and upgrade your raft. If you upgrade your raft timely then it will become strong enough to face the severe weather conditions and other unseen troubles.

Raft Survival Mod APK

Search food

Without food you can’t survive. It is not possible to get food in extremely bad situations so what will you do? You can hunt sea sharks and use them as a good food. There are many fishes in the ocean . You can hunt them too. You will do fishing to hunt the fishes and other edible sea creatures. Try to collect more food because sometimes the condition of the ocean is not so calm so in tough times you will not run out of food.

Collect resources

Now the question is how you will find the resources? In raft survival nothing is impossible you just have to think critically. You can collect resources from the sea and also from different islands. On the island you will find the aircraft pieces and many other useful things that you will collect for your raft upgrade.

Find survivors

You are not the only one who has lost in the ocean but there are other people too who have lost their way and are stuck in the ocean. If you find any other raft then try to reach them because they are also Human beings who are lost in the ocean. Together you guys can find the way to escape from the ocean. Help your friends to collect resources and they will help you too in your troubles.

Kill by one hit

If you download the mod version of raft survival then you will be able to kill your enemies just by single hit. Now Instead of hitting your enemy again and again simply go with the hacked version of raft survival and kill them with one hit.

Raft Survival Mod APK

Free coins

In raft survival, you will get the coins whenever you complete the quest but what if you need money before the level? To solve your money problem you can download raft survival mod apk and will get the free coins. You can use unlimited coins to purchase items for your raft.

No pop-up ads

You can now remove ads without spending money. Just install a cracked version of raft survival and enjoy your ocean adventure without getting interrupted from Pop up ads.


Raft survival is an addictive game because of its super cool features. If you are planning to go on an adventure trip then you can practise your survival skills on raft survival. You will love to see the magnificent view of the ocean. Try raft survival, an amazing action survival game on your smartphones for free. To use extra benefits, go to our website and download mod versions of raft survival for free.

Raft Survival Mod APK


Q. Can I play raft survival mod apk offline?

Yes but only if you have a hacked version. With raft survival mod apk, you can play games without internet connection.

Q. How to get unlimited resources in raft survival?

You can get unlimited resources by downloading raft survival’s mod version.

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