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Android 1 helps in providing fast download of applications related to Games, Live TV, News, Multimedia, or any other entertainment related application without any charges and that too virus free.

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Android 1 allows its users to download their desired entertainment application without fearing about the installation of any kind of bugs with it in their devices either Android or iOS.

There are times when it is extremely hard to get any desired application downloaded without using Google Play or Apple store. Here is where Android 1 plays its magic.

Android 1 has been regarded as a trustworthy site for apk downloads by millions of people from all around the globe. It allows easy and convenient download of as many Apk files as one likes. Android 1 contains a huge library of download files available for everyone from around the globe.

These files include News, programs related to photos, videos, multimedia, communication, instruments, personalization, anti-virus etc. This large variety is the reason why millions of apk are downloaded up till now through Android 1.

One would have to not worry about getting their system corrupted or getting a fake application. It has an app that helps the regular customers to have a good and super easy experience of apk downloading. It provides the access of millions of apk’s on just the click of a finger.

Android 1 has an installer app dedicated to only installation of the apk files. The registration does not even cost a penny. It has English as a default language. Tons and Tons of modified Apks are available on just a single click.

It updates the user in the case of any new updates made in the downloaded apk. It also contains modified versions and things that the new update holds. It is a great and very useful tool to get applications that are otherwise either not even available or blocked in the user’s environment.

It is completely virus free of any kind. It has made its place because of its huge popularity in the Android world, among Android users, because of its very speedy and updated apk downloads of any genre of entertainment by even the children or adults.