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Vortex Mod Apk

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App Name Vortex Mod Apk
Size 87 MB
Latest Version v2.0.2
MOD Info For Andriod
Price Free
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Update July 21, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Everyone of us has hobbies and some of us have gaming hobbies. If you are a gamer then you will surely know how expensive it is to be a gamer. I am saying this because for best gaming experiences you will need to set up your rigs with the available consoles or you will need a powerful PC and other gaming hardwares and you will have to spend your money on new games to buy them.

There are some games which cannot be downloaded on mobile devices because of their heavy size. Even after doing so much effort you will not be sure that this game is going to be your favourite or not. Hence there is a concept of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming has recently introduced its Vortex cloud gaming app in which you can play different games on your devices without the need of set and hardware. This app allows you to play games on their servers and provides you with high graphic contents as if you are playing it on a powerful PC. In vertex cloud gaming you will not have to download each and every game on your phone you will just have to download vortex cloud gaming on your phone and you will have access to all the exciting games.

Vortex MOD APK

What is Vortex Cloud?

Vertex cloud is an app that allows you to have access to all the games that are only be played on the specialised hardware you can have access to these games without the need of certain hardwares whether you are playing the game on the Android devices iOS devices or PC you will have the best experience as if you are in a special gaming room.

What is Vortex Cloud mod APK?

Vertex cloud Mod APK is a modified version of the Vortex cloud app. As you know, every game has a premium version which needs to be purchased. This app also has a premium version in which you can access as many games as you want and stream them without any interruption on your phone. This premium version of this app is free in the Vortex Cloud mod APK.

Vortex MOD APK

Intuitive Gameplay

The first thing that is the best about this app is that it will allowed Android Gamers to have access to the Future gaming industry it means that you can now have access to certain remote gaming experience is without having the perfect hardware for them you just have to download vortex cloud and they is no need to install the game and need of any hardware for the game and you can enjoy Which ever gave you want on your mobile devices.

Huge game collection

Vortex cloud gaming has a huge collection of games. In this game, there is included all the journals of games that may include survival games, action games, suspense thriller games or casual games every game having different game play will make your experience Where The tile and innovate your gaming experience.

Vortex MOD APK

Built-in Control system

To help you playing different gameplay and write Gamers in vortex cloud gaming will be provided with some inbuilt controls that they could make control make use of this means that the game has certain building controls which will help to play more precisely without the aid of any hardware you can also customise your gaming experience.

Play on multimedia devices

For sure this feature is the most promising feature of ours. This app allows you to play games on different multimedia devices including your Android device is smart TV and your PC's.

Vortex MOD APK

Customize your gameplay

To make your gaming experience more satisfying on your devices, the vortex cloud gaming has provided you with certain built in settings. With the help of these settings you can customise your gameplay and also customise the graphics and in game configurations and many more. Thus you can enjoy your favourite games according to your instincts.

Free trial

Before buying the premium of any app we make sure that we really want this app or not for our convenience. Vortex cloud gaming has provided us with the free trial so that we can try it for free and choose whether we want to buy the premium subscription for it or not.

Vortex MOD APK

Free Premium

Vortex cloud gaming is a paid app which means that you will have to buy the subscription to have access to the exciting features of this game it's obvious that all of us a not able to buy the subscription so in the vortex cloud Mod APK we have provided you with free premium so that you can have access to the app without having to pay for it.

No ads

As the Vortex Cloud Mod APK comes with a free premium, hence there are no ads in this app.

Vortex MOD APK


If you are the one who wants to play games having heavy storage and is not able to download them on your devices then you should go for this app. This app allows you to play games without having to download them. You can enjoy the smooth settings and find streaming of your favourite games on this app without the need of any hardware. This app has millions of downloads all over the world and Is Love by the users despite it being in the subscription service genre. Download Vortex Cloud mod apk from our website and enjoy it for free.


Q. What platform does vortex support?

Vertex is compatible with Android 5.0 + and it is also compatible with supported smart TV tablets and Smartphones.

Q. Can I change the language of the game?

Many games in Vortex Cloud gaming are only available in English including GTA V, Fallout 4, Destiny 2. Please feel free to check your settings if your particle language is available in the settings or not.

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