Diamond Quest Mod Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Diamond Quest Mod Apk

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App Name Diamond Quest Mod Apk
Size 42 MB
Latest Version v2.94
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
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Update October 17, 2023 (9 months ago)
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If you have free time and don’t know how to spend it in a fun way, then we are going to help you because in this article you will get a game which is full of adventures. The name of that game is diamond quest which is a very popular mobile game because millions of people are enjoying this game to kill their boredom. This adventure game has thousands of great reviews from their players.

In this game you have to explore different locations where you will face so many different hurdles and obstacles. You need to be very active in this game in order to get treasure from these different locations. You will see many different animals in the diamond quest game and they will attack you because of that treasure so make sure to collect everything to unlock new items.  

Diamond quest game runs very smoothly because it is a well optimized game so while playing you will never get lagging or glitch issues in this game. Controls are simple so you can easily play this game without any difficulty. This adventure game comes with awesome features so let’s check them out.

Diamond Quest Mod APK


What is Diamond Quest APK?

Diamond quest game has a standard version which is available on different websites and app stores on the internet. This game is free to download so you don’t have to spend your money to get diamond quest standard version on your mobile device. In this game you can use free items and features without any restriction and limitation. But to get premium features of this game you have to buy them otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy them. The most irritating thing about this game is that it contains ads in the standard version.

What is the Diamond Quest Mod APK?

Diamond quest game also has a modified version which is also known as a mod apk. In this mod version you will get some special features that the standard version of this game doesn’t offer to their players. You can enjoy all the premium features and items of diamond quest without purchasing them because the mod version provides a complete game without asking for the money. So you are free to use everything while having the mod version. There will be no popups and video ads while playing diamond quest because mod apk has no ads in it.

Diamond Quest Mod APK

Solve Puzzles

Diamond quest is a tricky game because it has so many different puzzles for their players. Every single puzzle will give you a great challenge but you have to solve them in order to open hidden doors in this game. With every new stage these puzzles get hard and you will get very short time to solve them otherwise you won’t be able to survive longer and you will lose this game.

Find Treasures

In this game you will get so much treasure but you have to find them because it will be hidden somewhere. You cannot play this game in a hurry because if you have not got treasure then you cannot move to the next stage. So you have to search every single corner while playing these stages but be careful from the fire and monkeys because they will be there to hurt you. Find treasure and become a master player of this gam

Explore Jungle

As mentioned above, diamond quest is an adventure game so that’s why in this game you will get the whole jungle to explore with many different locations. While exploring the jungle you will see many dangerous things and hurdles but you have to face them with courage in order to reach new locations in this game. You will get 3 major locations like Angkor wat temple, Bavaria castle and Tibet caves to explore. In every single location you will get many different stages which you have to win.

Tricky Locations

After playing sometimes you will get very tricky locations because with time the difficulty level increases in this game. There will be different puzzles which you have to solve in order to avoid traps but if you get caught in these traps then your game will be over and you have to start again which is a very irritating thing. So you need to play safe because there will be many hidden traps for you.

Diamond Quest Mod APK

Face Bosses

This game has deadliest bosses which you have to face in every different location. You need to kill them otherwise they won’t let you take their treasure with you. So try to beat them with your weapons and unlock new powerful weapons for yourself which will help you in coming stages. Every boss has a different power and weapon which means you need different strategies to kill them because that’s how you can defeat them.

Find Different Tools

Diamond rush games have many different tools which will help you in extreme conditions but you have to find them because you cannot buy them from the store. Enter yourself in a jungle and find mystic tools because they will also help you to kill dangerous animals in this game. You need all the tools in this game to explore the jungle. Try to get a hammer, rope, knife, iron rod and many other tools to make things easy for your player.

Diamond Quest Mod APK

No Advertisements

Diamond rush standard version supports ads so while playing this game you will see many ads that will irritate you because of interruption. But in the mod version you will never get any kind of disturbance because this version doesn’t contain ads in this adventure game which means you can enjoy this game without getting interrupted. So if you also want this awesome feature for free in diamond quest then download it in mod version.

Unlocked Game

Diamond quest is a big game because it has a huge jungle to explore and many different stages to play. That's why at the start of this game everything will be locked. That’s why the mod version of this game is giving the diamond quest game fully unlocked, which means there will be no restriction so you can go to any location or stage you want. You don’t need to do hard work in order to unlock everything while having a mod version of this game

Free Premium Items

The Diamond Quest game has some premium items which you cannot use for free but in the mod version there will be no restriction which means you can use any item. Mod version gives full access over all premium items for free in diamond quest. So if you also want premium items for free then go with this version and enjoy.

Free to Download

This game is free to download which is a very good thing. You can enjoy its premium features and also get this game on your device for free without spending any money that belongs to you.

Diamond Quest Mod APK


Diamond quest is a fun game to play. All features of this game are quite interesting which never lets you bore. This is a recommended game by their players on the internet so if you also want to explore the jungle then download diamond quest from our website. Find your treasure in this game and don’t forget to share your gaming experience in the comment box with other players.




Q. How to get a diamond quest game unlocked?

If you are looking for an unlocked game, then download diamond quest mod apk because this version provides this game completely unlocked so you can play this game from anywhere.

Q. Can I play diamond quest offline?

Yes! You can play diamond quest mod apk without the internet because this version doesn't need an internet connection.

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