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Update July 22, 2022 (1 year ago)
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Today’s article is about an adventurous fighting game. That game is Dino Tamers. It will give you an exciting experience of surviving when you are surrounded with deadly creatures. These creatures are different dinosaurs. This game has amazingly realistic graphics that make your gaming experience more thrilling. You will surely enjoy playing it.

Dino Tamers has many unique features and options. As the name suggests, in order to survive in this game you need to tame these deadly beasts and fight against other opponents. If you stand till the end you will win. It is a battle of survival where you need to tame and ride the most dangerous and powerful dinosaur that can beat other riders and their companion dinosaurs.

This game offers you many amazing accessories that will help you to overpower other game players. The 3D graphics of this game are simply astonishing. In this adventurous fight the key of survival and winning is your winning strategy and swift movement.



The original version of this game can be easily downloaded online or from the play store. This is a 3d fighting android game that can be played on OS 4.4 and up. Dino Tamers apk is offered by Foxie Ventures. This game is all about survival and fight. Dino Tamers apk is an online game that needs the internet for playing. This game also has in-app purchasing, there are few tools that you need to purchase with real money. The price can range from Rs 320 to Rs 16,900 per item.

 When you download this game your first task is to find and tame a dinosaur. Then your level will upgrade and you will win a reward like silver and gems. This reward will help you in many ways. After this level you will have your own dinosaur. This dinosaur will help you to fight against different untamed dinosaurs and other game players. It offers many powerful and useful tools like tamers, medkit, food, attacks, mysterious embers and many others. The gameplay is of Arcadia, which has many untold stories which you need to unfold.


There is another hacked version of this game available on the internet. Dino Tamers MOD APK is a modified version of the original game. The basic gameplay and user interface of this mod apk version is exactly like the original version. But it offers many other amazing options. Like you can access all the basic and premium features freely, as in the standard version the premium features demand payment.

There are many useful options in this mod apk version that make it slightly better than the original version. Dino Tamers mod apk contains no ads disturbance, unlimited resources and many useful unlocked abilities and dinosaurs. You can download this mod apk version completely free from our website.


Character Designing

The first step to start this game is to design your character. You will have many options like hair color, hair styling, outfits, skin color, companion and other basic tools. But first you need to select the gender. You can name your character according to your personality.


At the initial stage along with character styling this game provides you different accessories options. These can help you in many stages of the game. These accessories include arm cannon, double laser arm, grappling hook etc.

Dinosaur Range

There is a wide range of dinosaurs in this game to give this game a more realistic look. There you have ankylosaurus, ptera, raptor, t-rex, mosasaurus, spinosaurus, and a lot of other dinosaurs. You need to find and tame them first. Then you are allowed to ride on them and also give them a name.

Dinosaur Evolving

In this game every player has its own dinosaur. So to fight and win against them we need a dinosaur stronger than them. For this purpose we can evolve our dinosaur into a more deadly beast that can have many powerful abilities like strength and wings etc.


Gaming Modes

The game Dino tamers has two basic modes that are solo and multiplayer. Both are played online. In solo mode you play alone but in multiplayer mode you can play against other players of the game.


In this game your only companion is your dinosaur. You can tame many dinosaurs using tamers and explore the whole Arcadia with them. Your best option is to tame the most powerful dinosaur like t-rex that can scare any creature with one roar. There is also an option of mammoth, they also have astonishing strength.

3D Graphics

This game has impressive 3d graphics and gameplay. The graphics give you a realistic view of the jungle . The leaves, stones, animals, trees and buildings are all designed perfectly. It makes your experience worth playing.

Dinosaur Abilities

As there are different dinosaurs their abilities will be different too. You can distinguish them according to their power like super strength, powerful jaw, stone tail and super speed etc. You must tame the most powerful dinosaur before another player tames it.



There are different levels of the game as you level up the game you win different rewards, upgrade your rank and unlock many items that are initially locked. You can also tame dangerous dinosaurs as you level up.

Ads Free

Popup ads are the biggest problem of online games. It completely destroy the rhythm of playing, but in mod apk version you will have a no ad disturbing environment where you can play without disturbance.

Unlimited Resources

In the Dino tamers mod apk version all the necessary resources like medkits that heal the dinosaur, dinosaur food, silver, gems, embers etc are offered in unlimited amounts. These are helpful in evolving your dinosaur.

Unlocked Items

In the standard version there are many items( grappling hook, double laser arm etc) that are locked initially. You can not access them without upgrading your level, but it takes time. Therefore the modified version of the game provides all these items unlocked. You can access them freely.


Free Premium Tools

Another best thing about the hacked version is that it provides all the premium versions of the game without changing any cost. The premium items are the most powerful tools of the game. It gives your companion dinosaur unbelievable strength and power to fight against your opponent riders.


This game has exciting adventures that can make you addicted. You can enjoy the thrill of living in a Jurassic world. This game is a best time killer, it can convert your boredom into excitement. Its powerful features and tools makes it a must try game.

Once you start playing it, your excitement will not let you close it. You will learn how to tame, ride, survive and fight. It’s a whole new world of grilling events, where you need to keep your eyes, ears and mind open, if you want to survive.


Q. Can we play Dino Tamers offline?

Dino Tamers is an online game that can only be played with an internet connection.

Q. Is the hacked version of Dino Tamers safe to download?

The mod apk version is 100% safe; you can download it without any problem.

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