Hotstar Premium Account Username and Password 100% Free

Hotstar Premium Account Username And Password 100% Free

With the development of applications which enable the viewers to have access to every sort of entertainment all across the globe, the masses have not restricted themselves to a single app. Rather, now many applications have been developed which are used by millions of users. Such video streaming applications facilitate the viewers in keeping a check on every new and old entertainment. These applications differ in minor ways but still provide the best entertainment zone to their viewers. The present ad upcoming generation seems to be indulged in sports and movies more than any other genre of entertainment.

Hotstar Premium Account

What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is an Indian application which provides video streaming to its viewers. It was established in 2015 by The Walt Disney Company India (Star India). Hotstar is quite a popular app among the users of social media as it has above 350 million users worldwide making it one of the renowned applications. This video streaming service can be used in any android phone, Windows, iOS and other device which are connected to the internet. Hotstar is available for entertainment programs, web series, movies, videos, live shows, reality shows and sports as well. The most interesting thing about Hotstar application is that it provides its users an access to every kind of entertainment via variety languages i.e. Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, etc. It makes the users of different regions approach and use this application without any language barrier.

Hotstar Mod Apk

Disney+Hotstar APK

It is also an Indian service which comes under the establishment of Star India. It offers two sorts of subscriptions to its users including “VIP” and “premium” subscriptions. Both the subscriptions feature sports, programs, Bollywood and Hollywood films, TV series and many more. In 2020, the platform of Hotstar was merged with Disney+ to provide variety of features to the growing audience. This APK is also available for all android device and the users can enjoy it on whatever device they connect to the internet.

Hotstar Premium Account

Hotstar Premium Account

Hotstar premium is currently giving its users access to a wide range of dramas and movies in 17 languages which make it the biggest video streaming service in India. It has attained the status of being the largest platform for video streaming. Therefore, the users are more likely interested in such a service which is diverse, ad free and entertaining. Hotstar premium account provides free and ad free service which is not possible in the free version of Hotstar. The premium account of Hotstar has no limit in entertainment whether it is live sports, live talk shows, films or dramas. Now the viewers have a direct way of going through the entertainment world.

Hotstar Mod Apk

How to get a Free Hotstar Premium Account

After hearing so much about a popular and best ranking application, one will definitely want to enjoy the entertainment, therefore, a quite simple and easy procedure has been developed for creating a Hotstar premium account.

  1. First, one needs to download and open the Hotstar premium app on his or her device.
  2. Create an account there through giving your email and password if one does not have already. Now after opening the Hotstar account, a banner of premium membership will appear on the app where the user will sign up using email and password.
  3. Now is the time to choose any membership plan which suits the user’s needs and expense. But be clear this membership plan will be for trial basis and in order to activate this trial membership, provide the account with your credit card details.
  4. After giving the credit card details, the trial membership will be activated for the user for two months.

Hotstar Premium Account

Hotstar Premium Subscription for Airtel/Vodafone

There are a few simple steps which need to be followed in order to subscribe Hotstar premium with Airtel or Vodafone. For instance if you are looking for subscribing it with Airtel/Vodafone;

  1. Firstly, the user needs to recharge any plan for Airtel e.g. that of 199 INR which is the least one.
  2. Now the user needs to download Airtel TV App from playstore. After downloading the application, the user needs to create his or her own account on it.
  3. From here onwards, the user or subscriber can directly search for any channel of their choice and watch videos. For watching a paid show or live sports or live streaming, the user will click on the channel and it will automatically take the user back to the Hotstar app. This simple process can let users to unlimited shows and non-stop entertainment.

Hotstar Mod Apk

Hotstar Premium subscription with Jio TV

For getting a subscription of Hotstar premium account with Jio TV,

  1. The user is going to need to download the JIO TV app and needs a Jio Sim for making it function.
  2. Now the user will open the JIO TV app and log in with the JIO number of the user’s JIO Sim. That JIO number can be used easily for login into the Hotstar premium account.
  3. If does not have the Hotstar application in his or her device, then he needs to download it form play store and simply connect it with JIO TV using the JIO number of the Sim. It is this simple to have coverage of every event and happening of social world.

Hotstar Premium Account

Hotstar Premium Plans

There are many plans being offered by Hotstar Premium account for users based on their needs and demands. First of all, it offers a trial plan of 7 days which is free of cost and the user can enjoy and watch any video under this plan for free. This trial pack offers TV shows, movies and films, dramas, news, talk shows. Before those 7 days of free trial end, the user needs to buy its membership for 199 INR. Hotstar premium account also offers another plan for 299 INR in which one can have access to live sports including tennis, cricket, football, hockey, badminton and kabbadi. The subscriber can choose and buy the plan of his or her choice after going through the free trial for 7 days.

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Hotstar Premium Content

Now coming towards another major concern of the users which is the content they are going to watch on an account for which they have paid. Hotstar premium account offers variety of remarkable content comprising Hollywood and Bollywood shows, movies, Drama series, live sports, animated movies, dramas. Hotstar Premium account has created and offered its content while keeping in view the needs and demands of its users. Many American and Bollywood series and transmissions have been available on this app. Also, people have got huge interest in sports and majority of the people are inclined towards watching live coverage of sports. Hotstar premium account offers live sports such as VIVO IPL, ASIA CUP, World Championships, Premier Leagues and Super Leagues. Those having interest in news and who want to be updated with every happening in the country and around the globe need not to worry anymore because Hotstar Premium account is now providing entire coverage of every news from every sector. The news related to government, social affairs, political affairs, educational sector, health sector are all covered by this application.

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Hotstar Premium Account is a great opportunity for every one of us to have access to the entertainment of our choice. No matter what category of social media you want to watch, it provides its users with complete knowledge and entertainment. there is a reason why this application has become the largest platform in video streaming service and once a user starts using this app, he or she will definitely get to know about this app’s best features.

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Does Hotstar Premium Account charge too much?

No, Hotstar Premium account is free to use and also offers membership plans for its users which have been discussed above. The procedure to follow that plan has also been mentioned above. For trial basis, one can use it for 7 days for free before buying any membership plan.

Is this app also free fr Airtel users?

Yes, this application is free and safe to use for Airtel users who can subscribe it with their Airtel by following the above mentioned procedure.

How can one create an account if one does not have credit card?

If the user does not has a credit card, he can use Zeta card for creating an account. For using a Zeta card, the user needs to download Zeta App from play store and deposit minimum amount of Rs.10 and he will have a Zeta card which can be used in creating an account on Hotstar Premium app.

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