Active WhatsApp Group Link 2020

Active WhatsApp Group Link 2020

WhatsApp Group Link 2020:

WhatsApp Group is one of the most trending and popular function of WhatsApp since recent years. It is noted that on a per day basis lacs and millions of people search for WhatsApp Group Links on Google Search Engine. Some search for entertainment WhatsApp Groups for fun and leisure time while others look for WhatsApp groups to promote their business or to gain related information. If you are a person falling in this category then this is the post for you as it contains everything about a WhatsApp Group and also the WhatsApp Group Links.

Today we bring you the most informative and useful post of all time as it contains information about WhatsApp and also includes important and amazing features of WhatsApp Groups so that you can get to know about what WhatsApp is and what the WhatsApp Groups are. So simply read this post to start joining WhatsApp Groups without a hassle and to completely enjoy the application easily.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging and video calling application that is popular among 109 Countries. Around 55.6 percent of the human population is using WhatsApp all around the world and usually the users use this application to communicate and link with their friends and family. This application is not only for connecting with friends and family, it can also be used for Business Purposes such as promotions or to learn tricks.

WhatsApp is a platform that is available for free, does not even require a single penny. Through WhatsApp platform we can easily send text messages that contains videos and photos attachments from smart phones. This application is available for users using smart phones and is compatible for all the operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry and more. Not only an application for Smartphones it is also an application for all types of PCs, Mac OS, iOS, Windows and more. This means it can be used without any hassle on any type of device as it supports every device and operating system.

This amazing application was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum and it was launched on 3rd May 2009. Brian and Jan, both were former employees of Yahoo and later in 2014 specifically 19th February 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp Messenger for a fortune of $19 Million. At the moment WhatsApp Messenger has 1.6 Billion active users making it a top and number one messaging application among its competitors and all the messaging applications.

WhatsApp has got 106,656,885 votes till today and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store. Hence, making it the most popular application of all times. This small introduction is not enough to tell all about WhatsApp as it contains many features and functions that needs to be explained. All these functions can be discussed easily about WhatsApp but since this post is mainly related to the WhatsApp Groups and WhatsApp Group Links so let’s discuss those without waiting any further!

What is WhatsApp Group Link?

WhatsApp Group Link is a link that directly lets the user join the WhatsApp Group. Below is the difference between WhatsApp Group, WhatsApp Group Link and how a person can join the WhatsApp Group using the WhatsApp Group Link.

WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is a very vast application having many useful functionalities to it that can be easily utilized without paying for them not even a single penny is required. Such features also includes creating and joining of the WhatsApp Groups. The users can easily create a WhatsApp Group for their family and friends or just for their business and they can also join various WhatsApp Groups that have been already created according to their desires and needs to get access to the information required by them.

WhatsApp Group Link

In order to join a WhatsApp or to add more people to a group that you created you will require an invite link for your WhatsApp Group. This link can be created from WhatsApp and then it can be further shared with the people you want or locals wanting to join your group. As soon as they will click on the link provided by you, WhatsApp will ask whether they want to join or not, then by clicking on join they will directly enter the Group chat and can participate in the conversations going on.

On the contrary if you want to join a WhatsApp group then you will also require access to a Direct WhatsApp Group Join Link. If there is a family or friend group available, you can definitely ask the creator of that group to send you an invite link so that you can click or join or if you want you can always look up groups from below related to your interest and directly click on the links and join them.

Lastly, after a complete discussion related to WhatsApp Groups and the Group Links we have compiled a list of some common and active WhatsApp Groups for you to join directly. Below is the list of majority of the public WhatsApp Groups that are categorized as per Country and their Category so just read the headings, check below and simply join your favorite groups.

New & Latest WhatsApp Group Link 2020

This section of the post contains a variety of latest WhatsApp Group Links for the year 2020. So if you have joined some groups and want to join others that are new or active you can tally it from here as well as can join those too. Some of the WHatsApp Group Links are given below in the comment section as well from our web page viewers so you can check out those too. Without further ado let’s check out few of the new and latest WhatsApp Groups of 2020:

PUBG WhatsApp Group Link 2020

There is a very rare percentage of the people who do not know about PUBG so if you are a PUBG lover that you are on an accurate place. But if you are from the rare population who does not have knowledge about PUBG then here are few PUBG WhatsApp group links that contains all the information about PUBG so that players can easily play the game. You can easily join one of these WhatsApp Groups by just tapping on the links. PUBG is one of the most trending games all around the globe and majority of the players PUBG play it on mobile under the mobile app version known as PUBG Mobile. So if you have the modified PUBG Mobile or the original, still you can join one of these Active PUBG WhatsApp groups and gain knowledge. The list consists of:

YouTube WhatsApp Group Link List

YouTube consists of a great community and is one of the best Video Content Sharing Platform available over the internet. This is a platform where millions of content creators and billions of users do videos every day, they either watch multiple or upload videos. If you are one of the new or old YouTube video content creator then you must surely join one of these WhatsApp Groups that are related to YouTube. These groups contains a series of tips and tricks as well as allows users to get knowledge about Views, Subscribers, Promoting their YouTube Video for free and updates related to the community. The list below shows a range of such WhatsApp Groups Links and it contains:

Funny WhatsApp Group Link 2020

WhatsApp is a great source of communication as well as entertainment. This application allows the users to have contact with others as well as allows them to read jokes, watch funny videos and they can also get latest as well as trending videos that are funny from all over the world. But to get access to the amazing content available on WhatsApp you will have to become a part of the Active WhatsApp Groups community. So if you want to join these groups and want to have joy in your life then join one of these Funny WhatsApp Groups Links to join as there are many of such groups out of which few are here:

  1. Enjoy fun
  2. Family Zone
  3. BigBaloons
  4. Funkistan
  5. Fun Time
  6. Jokes
  7. Enjoy Your Life With Fun
  8. Best Fun Ever
  9. Funny Video Group
  10. Moj Masti

Shayari WhatsApp Group Link 2020

It is indeed a fact that the era of Poetry also known as Shayari will never end. There are billions and millions of people in the world that support poetry and also loves to listen as well as read poetry. Such poetry lovers will never let the true spirit of poetry die. If you are a Poetry fanatic then you must join one of these Active Sharayi groups. There are hundreds and thousands of groups available out of which few are listed below here, containing unlimited amount of poetry from renowned poets and in multiple languages as well. The Poetry WhatsApp Groups Links consists of:

Girls WhatsApp Groups Link 2020

Out of the whole hundred percent population there are around 49.56% females in the criteria and usually just like other females also tend to use WhatsApp groups. It is noted that around 20% of the female are using WhatsApp of this women population and more than hundred women WhatsApp groups are running at the moment. Such type of WhatsApp Groups includes the following:

GK Study WhatsApp Groups Link (Education & Govt. Jobs Group)

Many Students these days tend to study through WhatsApp Groups rather than normal combine studies as it is more convenient for them. There are multiple WhatsApp Groups consisting of study material related to many fields for students and these WhatsApp Group Links are listed below. These links consists of:

Technology WhatsApp Group Link 2020

Are you a technology geek? Or you want to learn some new tips and tricks as well as a want to gain little bit knowledge related to things falling in the technology criteria? If your answer is yes! Then here is the portion of the article for you. As the technological advancements are taking place, every country is developing by utilizing the latest technological virtues. Similarly, people these days also are using the small gifts of technology which consists of the mobile phones and laptops. For such people it is crucial to know that they can also contribute towards inventing some things to help the growing world. But to do such a thing they will have to learn those things and especially the basics of technology first! These things can be easily learned from Google or to get more direct and accurate learning you can always join WhatsApp Groups for technology that are formally listed below. This list of Technology WhatsApp Group Links consists of:

Hacking WhatsApp Groups 2020

Even though hacking is an act that comes with very serious circumstances but if you are still thinking about learning this act then you can simply join this world of WhatsApp group for hacking and learn your way through their help. This will also allow you to help your country with hacking as well as coding, here we are sharing with you few of the groups that are available to learn few fun and new things related to the world of hacking. These are completely active and working Hacking WhatsApp Group Links. These links include:

Cricket Lovers WhatsApp Groups Link

Cricket is a very popular game among people of different countries. There are teams all around the world as well as players of different races, ethnicities and more included in the game. Similarly, there are thousands of fans of this game all around the world as well. For such fans and local players there are many WhatsApp Groups related to cricket. Here is a list of free of the WhatsApp Group Links that are common groups. These links are direct links to the groups and includes:

Movies WhatsApp Groups Link

Movies are a leisure time activity and there is a possibility that watching movies will never be out of trend. To get access to famous movies and to gain knowledge about them, the Movie geeks have taken help from the WhatsApp Platform. This platform allows them to create groups and then share them among other people portraying similar interests. Here is a list given below of few WhatsApp Group Links for the movie geeks:

  • Just Movies – Link
  • HD Movies – Link
  • Movies Updates – Link
  • Tamil Movies – Link
  • Bollywood Glamour – Link
  • 1080p Movies – Link
  • Okay Movies – Link
  • Sunday Popcorn – Link
  • Movie Zone – Link

Politics WhatsApp Groups

Politics is one of the main factors in a country effecting news and every activity going on in that specific country as it relates with government and parties having power. Knowing politics and news is like knowing what is going on in the country and during this time of technology, instant news is an important thing to gain security. Here is a list of Political WhatsApp Groups links displaying various news and trends of multiple countries. The viewers can join one of these WhatsApp Group Links easily and the list contains of:

  • Trend News
  • AJki Politics
  • Trend BJP
  • Trend Congress News
  • Online Samaj
  • Aajtak News
  • Cricket News
  • News24
  • Alert All Time
  • Hindi News ( Alert )
  • Zee News
  • Trending (News)
  • Trend Alert
  • Amar Ujala
  • State News

Top 10 Country-wise WhatsApp Group Links

WHatsApp is an application that is used by most of the people available all around the world. This application is available in almost every country and everyone uses it but there are few countries that have a higher amount of WhatsApp users as per the statistics than others. These countries includes Pakistan, India, Brazil, Oceania, Africa, Malaysia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Asia, Mexico and South America and many more countries. Here are the top ten countries and their common WhatsApp Group Links in the upcoming headings.

Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Group Link 2020


Malaysia WhatsApp Group Link 2020

  • News Report – Link
  • Malaysia Tourism – Link
  • Friends from Malaysia – Link
  • Make New Friends – Link
  • Jobs in Malaysia – Link
  • Full-Time Work – Link
  • Travel Malaysia – Link
  • Learn Language for Malaysia – Link
  • Online Marketing – Link
  • Entertainment Hub – Link
  • Beautiful Spots to Visit – Link

India WhatsApp Group Link 2020

  1. All India newsgroup – Link
  2. Dosti Group – Link
  3. Indian Deals & Coupons – Link
  4. Bandooka group – Link
  5. VOTE FOR BJP – Link
  6. Bhajpa Sarkar – Link
  7. हिन्दी समाचार – Link
  9. Rozdhan app – Link
  10. मेहफिल-ऐ-शायरी – Link
  11. शायरों की दुनिया – Link
  12. Chu chi cha only video – Link
  13. Sasti Stories – Link
  14. Amazon Indian loot offers

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