Top 25 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows - Free & Paid

Top 25 Best Screen Recording Software For Windows - Free & Paid

 1. DVDVideoSoft's Free Screen Video Recorder

DVDVideoSoft's Free Screen Video Recorder This Screen Video Recorder is a free screen record which is developed by the DVDVideoSoft. This software allows the users to record the Skype video call easily without any kind of limit. The online conference call and the Skype interviews are suitably recorded with the help of this software. It comes in 10 different languages so that you could choose one at which you are fluent. It is a lightweight, user friendly and very colorful software in which you can set the colors of your choice. It provides the output in different formats such as TGA, JPEF, BMP, GIF and PNG. This software is also great for taking screenshots of any tab. There are many modes inside along with the whole step by step instruction on their website to record video and screen.

2. ShareX

sharex screen recorder

Some screen recorders are quite professional and complicated that a normal person cannot understand them. Same as the ShareX is which is a very professional and ad free screen recorder for the developers and those who do professional work. This screen recorder is full of tools like it is paid but, it is absolutely free for the Windows. This screen recorder allows the users to record the windows, monitor, region, full screen, scrolling and even freehand. You may also import or export the music files, videos and pictures as it contains the editing tools. You will get custom color effects and watermarks as well as the direct link sharing feature through which you can share the link of the edited video.

3. CamStudio

screen recorder camstudio

CamStudio is a screen recorder for the windows which the minimal editing needs. It provides a lot of functions alone that no further recorder, or editor is required. It creates the screen in screen video recording which are came out into an AVI format. Later, the users can convert it into the Flash for their convenience. It has a custom cursor as well as plenty of other options for the output video. Users can also create the small sized files if they ever require using this amazing screen recorder. The user interface is so simple that everyone would be able to understand it. This screen recorder is 100% free, and can be downloaded from its official website.

4. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite screen recorder

This is a specific toolkit whose basic purpose is the eLearning. It allows you to record the screencasts, the videos tutorials and a wide range of videos of any type. This software allows the users to edit the recorded videos and add or remove a number of different types of files in them. This software is paid one, and it costs $970 every year. However, users can start from a 14 days free trial after which they can pay to the developers and get it with all the features. You may complement a screencast with a webcam video easily. Also, it can record a narration, add images, texts, visual hints and infographics. The scene transitions are so smooth with this software and there is also no time limit for the recording of the screen videos.

5. MadCap Mimic

MadCap Mimic screen recorder

This MadCap Mimic is one 3of the best screen recorders for windows which offer about 3 different recording modes. The first one is the manual, second is full motion while the third one is automatic. This screen recorder allows the users to create alternative stimulations and videos with the help of creative and mind-blowing tools present in this screen recorder. The user interface is quite professional which a regular person won't be able to understand easily. This is a paid screen recorder which costs $144 per year of usage, while if you want to buy it for lifetime you need to pay $428. The users can choose a 30 days free trial too in which they will get all the features unlocked for 30 days. The outputs are in different formats such as Adobe PDF, WebM and MP4. There are 3multiple languages in this screen recorder, as well as free updates for lifetime.

6. Ezvid

Ezvid screen recorder

Ezvid is the free screen recorder for the windows and the best part of this software is, that it is 100% free. It is also the world's easiest screen recorder for the window users as everyone is able to use it easily. This screen recorder is so much and has a friendly user interface. The gamers, and the movie lovers who love to record the screenplays, can download this software and enjoy recording the screen videos. This software also allows the users to computer speech for the narrative tasks. Users can control the speed of all the output videos. The high quality screen resolution of 1280 x 720p HD is offered by this screen recorder. You may select the 3popular music tracks to add inside, and upload the output video directly to YouTube.

7. TinyTake

TinyTake screen recorder

TinyTake is a screen recorder used for the employee training and the commercial presentation. This screen recorder lets the users to record the videos and send them to any messenger app, as well as to the drive. This is a paid screen recorder in which the personal use is available in a free version. For those who want to buy this software for the whole year, they can may something from $29.95 to $199.95 because it all depends upon the features which are added in your package. You can share your URL publically and share bulks of files easily. The videos are mobile friendly and can be played in them too. It also allows to create the custom shortcut keys.

8. Free Cam

free cam screen recorder

Free Cam is the best, free screen recorder which is a perfect recorder for the windows. It is believed to be the best screen recorder because it provides all the features which a paid screen recorder provides. It is free but it is ad free, and places no watermark on the recorded videos. It has the build in audio and video recorder inside to automatically remove the useless junks and create the high quality recordings. It removes the background noise, videos are saved in WMV and then further uploaded to the YouTube. There are a lot of audio effects which users can choose from to create their videos.

9. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is the audio and video recorder in which you can record both audios and videos and combine them afterwards. It is a paid screen recorder software for the windows you need to pay $299 in order purchase this software for the lifetime and use all the features easily. Ho0wever, a 30 days free trial is also available in this screen recorder to check it before purchasing it. It allows the users to zoom the videos, imports the videos audios and photos, as well as frame by frame editing. You can also add the captions, quizzes and call outs to the recorded videos.

10. FlashBack

flashback screen recorder

A FlashBack which is made for the professors and university students is, the FlashBack. It is a good screen recorder in which the easiest user interface is available for the users. It is also a paid software which costs almost $49 for the personal usage package, and $99 for a business package. There are no editing features present in the free trial version of these 2 packages as, they come up with a 30 day free trial first. It can records a number of monitors at the same time, and lets you add the watermarks of your choice. It also offers a TechAssistant feature for the reporting of PC defects.

11. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic screen recorder

This screen recorder is paid, but it has very much affordable prices that everyone can purchase them such as the students, professors etc. it comes up for only $9 each month for the 10 computers and in order to use it for 1000 computers, it costs $250. This package is good for the business use where a lot of people need it in the office. More expenses with Pro Hosting involve three packages for $10, $29 and $99. It can easily upload the videos to the Dropbox, Google Drive and Vimeo pro. It has a specific screenshot tool inside too. This screen recorder comes up with a 30 days free trial as well.

12. SmartPixel

SmartPixel screen recorder

SmartPixel is a very convenient and easy to use screen recorder, especially designed for the windows. It has the very friendly user interface and it is absolutely free, as well as contains the premium version. All the windows users can download it from the official website. The recording with this screen recording software is so smooth and easy that everyone can use it. The editing functions such as the dubbing, clipping, merging and subtitles are provided inside. If you want no watermark, recorder with higher frame and personalize the definition, you need to buy the paid version which costs $15.90 USD for a year, $40.90 for 5 years and in order 4to get this software for the lifetime, $63.90 is the amount required.

13. Ice-cream Screen Recorder

Ice-cream Screen Recorder

This screen recorder is a very convenient and easy one in terms of its user interface. This software is also free, as well as paid in which you can pay $29.95 USD for the two computers which can be used for the whole lifetime free. There are no limits of the video recording, you can add your own personalized watermark and there are a lot of formats in which users can save videos such as MP4 etc. You can also record the webcam videos and zoom your videos as per your choice.

14. Bandicam

Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam is a new type of screen recording software which is not really designed for the beginners because of its complicated features. This screen recorder is capable of recording the best videos and allows the additions of the annotations for the YouTube videos. This is a paid screen recorder which costs $39 for a single computer. The max frame rate of 144fps, 4K UHD resolution, watermarks and mouse effects are supported in this screen recorder. Also, it is great for capturing the game consoles, smartphones, and IPTV. There are frame rate and encoding controls present in this screen recorder made for the users.

15. Screenpresso Pro

Screenpresso Pro

The Screenpresso pro is a very compatible screen recorder which is so much easy to use because its user interface is quite simple. Users can just click the capture button to start recording and there are no toolbars on the screen as, this screen recorder works automatically in the background. In order to purchase this software forever, you need to pay $28.89 for once only. There is no limit in capturing the videos, you can share the recordings directly to the Google Drive. Dropbox and Screenpresso Cloud. It can also work in the portable mode and also capture the android devices easily. No registration is required to use the Screenpresso cloud.

16. OBS project

obs project screen recorder

The OBS project is not only a screen recorder, but also a broadcast utility. This screen recorder is compatible with the windows, Linux and Mac as well. It is an open source video screen recorder in which no free or paid versions are required. There is no limit of the recording and also, no watermark on the videos. This screen recorder is open source, so it is 100% free for everyone. There is also a feature of build ion audio mixer in this software so that you can mix different tracks. It allows many things such as the YouTube gaming, Hitbox, and Twitch for streaming.

�17. Apowersoft screen recorder

Apowersoft screen recorder

Apowersoft is not only a screen recorder, but an editing software as well. It is consisted on two parts which are mentioned earlier such as the recording and editing. This is a paid software which costs $39.95 per year. It provides the direct sharing to the YouTube, and FTP as oit has the 10 GB storage. The users can get their output in many formats such as the MP3, AVI, MPEG, ASF, GIF, MOV, VOBV and WMV. Real time annotation, screen recording and great editing option with free addon are also available.

18. TechSmith Snagit Screen Recorder

TechSmith Snagit Screen Recorder

TechSmith Snagit is such a great screen recorder which is not only very simple to be installed, but also to set. Its user interface is very much friendly as compared to many popular screen recorders. It provides many hotkeys to the users such as the start, pause and Stop buttons. Users can record any area and window just by clicking on such hotkeys. It provides the perfect recording with high quality resolution you have ever seen.

19. Showmore

Showmore screen recorder

This screen recorder for windows allow you to change different dimensions and settings to get your perfect recording. There is no time limit for the recording and there are a lot of formats for output videos such as WMV, FLV, MPEG, ASF, VOB, AVI and MP4. Free cloud storage is also provided to the users as well as the annotations. Users can upload the Google Drive, Dropbox and Vimeo. It offers a fine, web based recording which provides the high quality final recording. User interface of this screen recorder is absolutely simple.

20. Wink

Wink screen recorder

Wink is an advanced Windows screen recorder which is especially designed for creating the tutorial videos. This is an easy to use program which is absolutely free, which means that no charges are required in order to use this software. There is no limit in recording as well, and allows the users to create the best, creative videos ever. It allows the frame by frame editing support with cursor editing and callouts. Also, it exports the output videos to the HTML, SWF, PDF and EXE. The user interface of this screen recorder is also very user friendly.

21. Fraps

Fraps screen recorder

The Fraps is a video game recording and benchmarking, screen recording software. The games are recorded that is why there are no editing tools, and screen controls as well. The users will get the high quality gaming videos using this Fraps. It offers 7680 x 4800 and up to 120 FPS resolution for better quality experience. It is a paid screen recording software which costs $37 for the whole lifetime. The scheduled screenshot capturing is also very brilliant feature of this screen recorder, as well as the user interface of this software is very user friendly.

22. Fast Stone Capture

Fast Stone Capture screen recorder

Fast stone capture is a great program which is a great screenshot and screen recording software for the windows. It provides the icons and toolbars so that you can control all the functions. Audio recording is also a part of this program. You can record the whole window, or just a part of it. This is a paid software which is available in $19.95 only for the lifetime. It supports the 4K monitors for the capture. The user interface of this program is also very user friendly. Overall, it is enriched in the features.

23. VLC Player

VLC Player screen recorder

VLC Players is a completely open source and a free screen recorder for all the windows users. You may click the Control + C in order to start the recording, after enabling it from the default settings. There is no single limit on the recording time of the videos, which means that the users can record the games, create the tutorial videos and do longer recordings as per their desire. There is a build in streaming support in this software through which the users can play the videos at the same screen recorder. The recording in the RAW format is also available in it. The good quality recordings are always guaranteed with the help of VLC Player.

24. Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8

Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8 screen recorder

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8 is a perfect, and full of features screen recorder which also allows the audio recording. Both free and the paid versions are available in this screen recorder. The paid version costs about $59.95 for the lifetime in which you will be able to get the flat UI, support for the windows and Mac and, can be exported to WMV, GIF, MP4 and AVI. Users can also upload the videos directly to their YouTube channels. There are also many video editing features inside such as the overlay, cutting and transitions.

25. Chris PC Screen Recorder

Chris PC Screen Recorder

The Chris PC Screen Recorder is a very simple software with a highly easy user interface. It allows the unlimited screen recording with amazingly, amazing quality. You may capture audio with this program and do a lot of editing in it. A cost of only $29.99 is necessary to be paid to get this software for the lifetime. It allows the users to record the videos in a frame, hide the cursor during capturing, record the gameplays and edit videos to create one of your own choice.

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